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DVD CONTEST: Girlfriends Season 4


We have 10 copies of Girlfriends Season 4 to give away. To win, just post something about your favorite CW show and Girlfriends. GIRLFRIENDS returns to DVD on 7/29/08 in a 3-disc set of THE FOURTH SEASON.  The hit, award-winning comedy series includes all 23 smart and sexy fourth season episodes featuring the intertwining lives of four young, sophisticated African American women living and working in Los Angeles.  All audiences will relate to the hilarious moments that come from the universal and unbreakable bond of friendship between these brash yet very different female characters. This contest will run July 28 – Monday, August 11. On that day the first 10 people who send me a request for the DVD will get one. Preference will go to those who post something in this thread about the show or The CW Network.

Warner Brothers Releases Promo Clip for Supernatual Episode ‘Dream A Little Dream’

With Sweeps Weeks going on all through the month of February, Warner Brothers is cranking up the publicity for their hit series ‘Supernatural’, which airs on The CW Network Thursday nights at 9PM EST.Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester: two brothers engaged in the ‘family business’ of traveling the highways and byways of Americana in black ’67 Chevy Impala with a trunk full of weapons designed to fight all manner of supernatural related threats. The hit Warner Bros series, now in its third season on the CW Network has cranked up the action, suspense and drama this season with the Winchester brothers not only facing down supernatural threats and saving people from them, but being at war with the horde of demons they had inadvertently released in the season two finale, All Hell Breaks Loose. Top that off with a desperate race against time to get Dean out of the deal he made to bring Sam back to life, a deal that trades Dean’s soul off into hell in one year’s time, and Supernatural is one wild ride this season.

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