Smallville Season 8 Finale Recap – SPOILERS

Smallville Season 8 Finale Recap

Wow, Smallville still knows how to put on a fabulous Season Finale. I quit watching Smallville way back in Season 3, I don’t know what possessed me to start watching it this year, but it’s been surprisingly good. But they almost hit it out of the park with tonight’s finale, at first I thought separating Doomsday from Davis was a cop out until the twist at the end which made perfect sense. I loved Jimmy’s reaction to findng out Clark’s secret and was genuinely surprised that he bought it in the end. I fully expected to be Chloe because we all know she doesn’t belong in Canon. But they managed to work themselves around this by killing off Jimmy, yet keeping him in Canon. Not an easy trick to pull off and normally I hate hokey stuff like this, but it was handled brilliantly.

The Doomsday fight was about as lame as it comes, the first few minutes, I was like yeah, that’s pretty awesome, straight out of the comic and about how I envisioned it (on this small budget). But then they aborted it, after that big build up, this is how they end it? What a massive letdown, but while we all know Smallville isn’t Cannon, the writers really kept tying it back because I think in the Death of Superman Comic, Doomsday is discovered burried underground, so this was a nice touch.  I hated the last shot, Zod? Really? They are going to that well again? In Smallville’s favor, I don’t think they ever used Zod before.  This was a strong finale that had a few major gaps in the plot but overall it was a satisfying conclusion. java homework assignments essay on edgar allan poe themes Erectile dysfunction trial packs excellent sample cover letter benefits of regular exercise essay essay on let us stop child labour deep-sea research part i-oceanographic research papers apa 5th edition writing style example research papers cachet similaire au viagra master thesis jobs mnchen skills for it help desk resume viagra and dangers here can i buy a essay online phd dissertation evaluation form go site help writing a best man speech paises viagra sin receta biology model papers class 10 generic viagra on mastercard alphabet writing paper source link provides custom written term papers help on writing psychology essay enter site funniest academic papers here cialis tadalafil 10/20mg a research paper on judaism

Final Grade A-

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By Michelle Alexandria

29 thoughts on “Smallville Season 8 Finale Recap – SPOILERS”

  1. Hey, what an excellent choice of reviewer: someone who hasn't watched in half a decade.The "No Zod" remark was particularly illuminating since we've seen one season dedicated to Lex being inhabited by Zod and another of Braniac trying to resurrect Zod. I truly wish the reviewer had spent that time learning how to construct a grammatically correct sentence.

  2. agreed. Zod? that just pisses me off actually. they just need to give him the cape and S and call it a day. Zod. my god how boring.

  3. Ok.. Zod? Why even build a phantom zone if an orb can just bring Zod back. Wasnt that orb supposed to be a failsafe to protect earth if "the traveler" went bad? What kind of crack are the writers doing? Get some continuity in your story line will you… Sheeshhh


  4. Idk… I think Zod still continues the storyline because Davis is his created son and Jor-El even said that the father will become the son… and blah blah… idk I think we can expect another great season. But that's just my opinion, as you are entitled to yours, as well. But I DEFINITELY agree that the Doomsday/Clark Kent fight was way too abrupt… I mean it literally was like 30 seconds. They could have definitely spent at least 3 minutes on it since the whole season was pretty much leading up to a big fiasco. Unfortunately for us, it didn't happen. But I have faith that Smallville can pick up the pieces in September. I can't wait 🙂

  5. Zod…. lamesauce. Move on in the storyline and stop bringing him back into it please… Should have been epic fight between Clark and Doomsday? Let down. Lois missing, she must have been sent to the future where the league was expecting Doomsday. Lols, imagine that reception. Whole league there ready to kill Doomsday and Lois pops in, will be interesting to see how that pans out. BIGGEST let down ever= Final scene. Clark finally decides to abandon his human emotions and embrace the Kryptonian that he is, walks to the door, Chloe follows like something good is going to happen, THEN he just fades away……… Son of a B*TCH!! It's been 8, count em 8 full seasons now. He could do it when he lost his memories the day Lois came to smallville because he "didn't have his human side to hold him back" and he clearly says he is done with the human stuff BUT you couldn't just throw the viewers a bone and have him FLY OFF?!?! You teased the shit out of us with Kara flying around all the time like it was nothing too! I thought this would finally be the season to do it and that final scene was the perfect time to do it, but no, of course not. Knowing the writers they will wait until the final episode of whenever this show ends for good and show him fly for 2 seconds at the end after the credits finish rolling.

  6. He sort of flew during the fight with Doomsday, lol. ButI agree. The writers are gonna hold out on the full on transformation until the series finale. I mean it is called Smallville for a reason. The whole premise was based around Clark Kent and how he became Superman. Right?

    RIP Jimmy Olsen (or at the least "that" Jimmy Olsen cuz apparently his kid brother is the "real" Jimmy Olsen from the comics we know and love *shrugs shoulders*)

  7. Soooooooo. Jimmy Olsen isn't THE Jimmy Olsen? And he has a brother? Who also has "James" in his name? And decides to use his dead brother's nickname when he is old enough to work where his brother worked? And Chloe is pregnant? WTF?

    1. Chloe did say maybe you can follow in his steps…which means he could be a good photographer like his brother Henry. Henry James Olsen is the REAL Jimmy Olsen's older brother. Oblivously Jimmy who died wasn;t the real one cause there's suppose to be a huge age difference between Clark and Jimmy. So the kid at the funeral will be the one who works with Clark when he grows up and becomes Superman.
      And since when is Chloe pregnant? She didn't have sex with Davis or Jimmy during the time she was running off and saving Clark.

      1. Yeah–I know Jimmy's real name–but no one knew Smallville Jimmy's first name was Henry until the funeral. As to the canonical age difference, if I listed every non-canon change Smallville has made, I'd be here all day. I would assume most fans who know Superman-mythos have just accepted whatever happens in the show as a parallel Universe-thing.

        I just feel a bit ripped-off, after accepting the Jimmy-weirdness and growing to like him, they kill him and all ready have replacement-Jimmy (and, sorry, still seems weird he'll use his bro's name around the people who knew, loved, and lost him), like the next row of teeth in a shark's mouth, ready to pop in as needed.

        As for Chloe being pregnant–TV shows rarely do a shot with a woman protectively touching her belly unless they are implying pregnancy. And as it doesn't tend to show for many women until in the second trimester, it could have happened before the wedding. I guess we'll see 🙂

        1. I agree at first I was confused and didn’t like Jimmy but he grew on me and I liked all the changes that they made him his own person and not just a “gofer” type. So I just went with it. It seems weird like this is the first time the producers decided it was time to make all of this stuff fit into “canon” without it really being canon. So they are trying to have it both ways. Now this may be because they didn’t know if they would be back for a 9th season until midway through this one, so they wanted to tie up some stuff here.

  8. Sigh.. we don't know what any of that means. Too much blanks to fill to know for sure. If you dont like it maybe your failsafe should kick in and make you not watch the show OR make a better one lol.. sorry the truth hurts, while its "illuminating". I think the Doomsday/CK fight was nice though. Their fights is the ultimate fight, I mean come on, you wouldn't see Batman or Spidey going up against the big guy. Superman dies fighting him and comes back to defeat him, want to see the fight so bad, check out the animated movie haha.

  9. Personally, I'm gonna have a heart attack waiting on the 9th season to begin. I'm certain everything's gonna come full circle then. Should be interesting come September…

  10. MGR1 · 28 minutes ago

    Soooooooo. Jimmy Olsen isn't THE Jimmy Olsen? And he has a brother? Who also has "James" in his name? And decides to use his dead brother's nickname when he is old enough to work where his brother worked? And Chloe is pregnant? WTF?

    ^ Jimmy's real name wasn't even Jimmy. It's was his middle name and his first name begin with a "H." Can't remember it though right now. And the Jimmy from the comics first name was James. His middle name was Barthalemu….I could be reading too much into it. But when I saw Chloe give his kid bro the Nikon a lightbulb went off in my head. Plus the Jimmy from the comics was waaaaay younger than Lois and Clark. Something to think about over the summer. =)

  11. So much waiting.
    OK, so the fight between Clark and Doomsday isn't supposed to be THE fight, but then, why the hell bring Doomsday in, and build up to this point anyway? Just to give us the greatest anticlimax I've seen in a long time? I mean, come on, at least a couple more punches, bring Clark to the brink of death, then bury doomsday for a couple of years.
    As I was watching, and becoming aware of the little time remaining for the battle, I started to get anxious and angry, I even thought I had been mistaken and it was going to be a two parter… but no, that was it.
    So, the writers are dancing on the edge of canon or something? Doomsday is buried, but in canon he has been for thousands of years (or hundreds, don't really remember). But if they are going to make him the anti Kal-El, the son of Zod and all that, against canon, then… then… why to comply with canon by burying the creature and thus making the battle so lame, and the whole appearance of Doomsday in the season pointless? It could have been just Witwer in a made up kryptonian anti Clark Kent character -the way it was for the most part f the season- and it would have been great, without the disappointment. This way it was just a waste of Doomsday.
    And then all those minutes wasted at the end? Come on!
    I guess Doomsday could resurface in the future of the series, but without the Davis Bloom part… it's just not going to be Smallville cool… then perhaps is better that they leave him under there till the comic battle… but then I don't see the point. I love Smallville because of it's departures from canon, but now the writers don't seem to have courage enough to make a seriously cool departure.
    Just disappointing.
    The whole Clark Kent is dead is just another lame thing, because we all know that it's only going to last for the first act or so of the 9th season premiere, then Chloe, or Lois or another guest appearance by Lana, or his mother, is going to bring Clark back, so those last minutes in this season finale where really a waste of time.
    My only hope is that next season they get Witwer to play Zod, that would be great.
    I'm sorry, I just feel really strongly about Doomsday, it's my favorite villain, that's why I'm so disappointed, I was so excited to see what they where going to do with him in Smallville.

  12. ok, so wait, confused. Clarke died, so how was he there at the funeral and at chloes new place? Totally got lost with that. And didnt oliver see him at funeral, as he was leaving? And obviously the Justice League knows Lois got sent to future, so they'll just send her back right? lol

  13. Um, okay. i watched most of the smallvilles on dvd. its much better that way though the writers have a nasty habit of not including arcs in each others episodes, so something good starts, and you have to wait an episode or 2 for it to be fleshed out or wrapped up. this becomes very apparent when you watch them in rapid succession. apparently….none of the staff of the show are aware of this amazing dvd technology. because…..if they were, they could plop in the appropriate dvd (a season finale no less….with bizarro involved as i recall) and see that one miss Chloe has the meteor power to heal people. as in jimmy. as in…she let him die. plot holes anyone? oh…and y is it that clark can fly like one show every 3 seasons? evil clark could fly up and detroy Lex's jet to get the egyptian (aka kryptonian) relic. he could fly up and do that nice shot over the earth thats in the opening credits where the producers (now ex, they left the show to some bumbling fools who cant remember what happened 2 episodes ago) put their names on the show. and he can fly to put doomsday in the crappy "geothermal plant" set. he can talk about phone booths and double identities and wearing red and blue (and there was even a bloody cape on the TV show episode at the Kent farm). the opening teaser includes it all this season…and still no "superman"! killin me smalls.

  14. As a long time hugh Superman fan and collector I was confused as everyone else but what we have to remember is that the show was kinda in limbo they didn't know if there was going to be a 9th season so the fight seen between Doomsday and Clark might have been reworked for a later date.

    What I was confused the most about is how Clark didn't know how he got out of the explosion that trapped not killed Doomsday…….maybe the Legion pulled him out of time and then placed him back in or maybe its Bizarro's return and Clark is trapped with Doomsday and we will see a battle in season nine between Clark and Doomsday.

    The whole Zod return I loved because they didn't do justice to Zod before when he was using Lex's body.

    I give Smallville tons of credit for doing as much as they can on a 1 hour time frame and budget lets all give them the respect they deserve they can't get everything everyone wants in an 1 hour………..really I wish the CW would give us all a 2 hour season ender each year like other shows do……..then the fight would have been drawn out more.

    Just my 2 cents

  15. Everyone has to keep in mind that the mantra for the writers/producers of the show is "No flights, No tights" (look it up, they've said it a few times) — meaning that it's the one line they will not cross. I suspect that only the very last show of the series will have Clark hovering in the sky, waving bye-bye to us all.

    What I didn't care for in the season-ender is (1) We all know Clark is going to go back to his "human" life, so why even introduce it? (2) Killing off both Jimmy and Davis (Doomsday) — I could see one, but why both? (3) Lois going to the future? I know Clark isn't the sharpest tack, but leaving a time-travel ring in his unlocked desk at work? Seriously? He could have easily run home, and buried it in the barn with everything else.

    I guess the worst part of the episode was the haste at which the plot was shoved along. It felt rushed to me, like they were trying to tie up loose ends when they really didn't have to. Give us a "two part" conclusion, with the second part in September.

    And yes, they need to start pumping more money into the CGI budget for this show.

    1. Viewer 27 – You're wrong about the ring.
      Tess had it with her not in Clark's desk locked away.
      And I think they will do a part two since Zod's back, why I don't know.
      But he's said to be a season regular next season as the main villian.

      1. I'll agree that Tess had the ring when she and Lois got into the fight, but the fact remains that Tess got it out of Clark's desk. Rokk gave it to Clark at the beginning of the show, and he put it in his desk at the Planet. Kinda' silly, no? At the very least, they should have had Clark go back home, hide it, and have Tess stalk him (with camera's or something?) and nab the ring there.

        I dunno' — if I had a time travel ring, I'd probably put it in my pocket… 😉

        1. Clark has always been a dumb "jock" type of super hero who assumes nothing can hurt him. It's Superman has never been my favorite hero. But in his defense earlier in the season he had a ring and put it in his barn and it got stolen. Maybe he had so much going on that he didn't really think about it at the time. Which again, is stupid considering the power of the ring.

        2. Haha I just realized that. I didn't watch the episode when he destroyed his first ring. So it makes sense now. I just don't get how they'll bring Lois back to the present. Will Clark somehow figure it out that she used it? Or will she come back with no memory of what happened because Rokk has her memories erased. Maybe she won't forget anything but she will know that the "traveler" has friends beyond the present time but Rokk and the other superheroes wont tell her who he really is.
          And do you know if its actually Zod coming back? Or someone else. Cause I heard that it's not Zod but someone older from the comic series.
          AND is Chloe out of the show cause thats what I felt when Clark walked out on her.

          1. Wow. Dude, you took my screen name? Was it a mistake?

            As for your fake "Viewer #27" comments — Chloe is not out of the show. Do some research.

            And, yeah, it's Zod. And it "may" be played by Sam Witwer (Doomsday human half) — as Zod supposedly created Doomsday in his image… like father, like son.

            And obviously Lois will be brought back by Rokk — whether her memory of the trip will be in tact is open for debate. This show plays it pretty fast with selective memories, so it's anyone's guess.

  16. They prob filmed more but most of it got cut out due to time restraints. It's only an hour show guys. Unfortunately they don't have the luxury to be as meticulous as we'd like.

    And as I stated above I seriously doubt we will ever see Clark as Superman until the show comes to an end- for good. Which is why they keep toying around with Clhoe's death. We always think it's coming and it never does. Prob cuz they don't want a show with Clark as Superman.

    1. Hold on. Aren't you supposed to be dead? 😉

      With the show skirting around cannon so much, can we assume that the Lex we saw "get blown up real good" was a clone? It seemed like Lex had the tech to do it from the season before…

      We can only hope (for our sakes) that Michael Rosenbaum's film career flops over the next year or two so that he can come back and give Smallville one last shot of *awesomeness* before it gets canceled.

  17. We need Jor'el ( Superman's father) ) to make people think that Clark and Superman don't look alike! That way we can explain the glasses and Superman won't have to wear a mask or a hood! Michael ( Lex ) will be back for season nine for two shows! Any comments? Steven Dunetz 640 16st. San Diego, ca. 92101

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