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Molten Trailer: Terminator: Genisys!

Terminator Genisys Teaser Poster

It’s here! The first trailer for Terminator: Genisys looks like the movie is playing fast and loose with the rules (how can Sarah Connor know about timelines that no longer exist?), but it has the propulsive feel of James Cameron’s Terminator films – especially in the humor.

Emilia Clarke makes a very interesting Sarah Connor and, let’s face it, playing a terminator is what Arnold Schwarzenegger was meant to do. Even Jai Courtney comes out of it looking pretty good.

Check out the unexpectedly cool trailer following the jump.

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Doctor Who: The Complete Matt Smith Limited Blu-Ray Gift Set (Need We Say More)!

Complete Matt Smith

The Doctor is dead! Long live The Doctor!

Matt Smith’s charming, silly, dangerous Eleventh Doctor has regenerated, but his memory lives on in the new Doctor Who: The Complete Matt Smith Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set.

The set includes every adventure of the Eleventh Doctor – including his two-episode crossover with The Sarah Jane Adventures. Also collected here for the first time: The Five Doctors Reboot, Doctor Who at The Proms 2013 and more.

Follow the jump for complete details.  Doctor Who: The Complete Matt Smith Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set will be in stores on November 4th.

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Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor–The Doctor Gets His Final Marching Orders!

Time Home Video

Where the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special, The Day of the Doctor came to home video almost immediately after the special aired, Matt Smith’s swan song as the Eleventh Doctor – Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor – will take a bit longer. BBC Worldwide has announced a March 4, 2014 release date for the DVD and Blu-Ray editions of Smith’s farewell.

Bonus features will include: The Time of the Doctor: Behind the Lens, a making of featurette; Farewell to Matt Smith, a look at Smith’s run as The Doctor – narrated by Alex Kingston AKA River Song, and Tales from the TARDIS, a look at the show’s 50-year history – featuring six former Doctors talking about their time in the TARDIS. For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

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Doctor Who: Say Farewell To Eleven with a Full Evening of The Doctor on Christmas Day!


Before we bid the Eleventh Doctor adieu in the 2013 Christmas Special Doctor Who : The Time of the Doctor, BBC America has put together a full evening to ease us into that final Matt Smith adventure. The evening kicks off with the television premiere of the minisode The Night of the Doctor and follows up with an encore of The Day of the Doctor before presenting the tribute special, Farewell to Matt Smith.

Then, at 9/8C, The Time of the Doctor puts the Doctor and Clara in the middle of an aggregation of some of the Doctor’s most powerful foes – and isn’t that loads better than some cozy little Christmas dinner? Check out the press release after the jump for times, tags, interviews and the extended trailer!

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First Trailer: Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor

Picture shows MATT SMITH as The Doctor.

Tick-tock. Time is running out for The Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special – and Matt Smith’s last appearance in the iconic role. It promises to be a spectacular ending to his run as the show’s fiftieth year comes to a close.

Check out the explosive new trailer after the jump. Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor premiere on Christmas Day (BBC America, 9/8C).

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Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor – Thirteen, Count Em, Thirteen Doctors!

Day of the Doctor

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who was celebrated, in spectacular fashion, with Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor – the story of the day The Doctor ended the Time Wars and the Warrior Doctor who did it. The home video release is out today and, if you loved The Day of the Doctor – and the minisodes that preceded it online – this will make a fine edition to your Doctor Who library.

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First Look: 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special–The Time of the Doctor!

Picture shows JENNA COLEMAN as Clara and MATT SMITH as the Eleventh Doctor.02_Doctor-Who_Christmas-Special_2013_35MB

BBC America has released stills and promo posters for Matt Smith’s final appearance as The Doctor: Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor – with the intriguing tagline, ‘A change is going to come…’ And look! Cybermen! Weeping Angels! The Silence!

Follow the jump for more. Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor premieres on Christmas Day at 9/8C.

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The Day of the Doctor: New Photos Released!

Day of the Doctor

The BBC and BBC America have released new of photos from Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor. Stunning revelations include mixed Doctor/Companion pairings; historical figures (Queen Elizabeth I); returning monsters (Zygons! Daleks!); three different sonic screwdrivers; the return of head of UNIT, Kate Stewart, and so much more (note a certain scarf in the background of one photo) that it’s hard to believe that no major spoilers are given.

Follow the jump for the official tagline and a few peeks at what lies in store when Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor premieres on Saturday, November 23rd at 2:50pm ET.

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BBC America Sets Simulcast Time for The Day of the Doctor; Unveils Week-Long Doctor Who Takeover!


By now, everyone knows that the 50th Anniversary Special The Day of The Doctor will be simulcast on Saturday, November 23rd – the day that Doctor Who, the world’s longest running sci-fi television series, turns 50. Today BBC America announced that the simulcast will begin at 2:50 ET and that The Day of the Doctor will encore at 7pm ET.

The network also announced that Doctor Who will takeover the week ending in the 23rd – running a series of specials about Doctor Who beginning with the Doctor Who:  The Doctors Revisited Marathon on November 18th. Other special eventss include: Doctor Who Explained; Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS; Matt Smith and David Tennant guests on The Graham Norton Show; The Science of Doctor Who with Brian Cox, and An Adventure in Space and Time. On November 24th, the network will marathon the eleven top adventures of the Eleventh Doctor, as voted on by the fans, and Doctor Who Revisited: The Eleventh Doctor.

Check out the press release, following the jump, for details and scheduling.

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Celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary–Watch The Day of the Doctor in 3D!


See the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special, The Day of the Doctor in 3D! BBC America announced this morning that there will be two RealD® 3D screenings of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor – one as part of the global simulcast of the program on Saturday, November 23rd, and one on Monday, November 25th. The special screening will feature specially shot introductions and will be followed by a 10-minute featurette, The Day of The Doctor: Behind The Lens featuring Matt Smith, David Tennant and Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt, as well as lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, who discuss their 50th Anniversary experiences.

The 3D screenings will be held in association with AMC Entertainment Inc, and Regal Entertainment Group – with tickets to go on sale Friday, October 25th at 9:30am ET for theater locations in eleven US cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Minneapolis. Tickets may be purchased at Cinemark.com and Fandango.com.

Follow the jump for the press release.

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