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Malik Yoba – Alphas’ Bill Harken – Talks Diversity, Relationships and Action on Syfy’s Hit (Not Really a) Superhero Show!


In tonight’s episode of Alphas(Syfy, 10/9C), Malik Yoba’s former FBI Agent, Bill Harken, tracks a killer alpha to an underground fight club, where he takes a whupping and meets Kat, a young girl with a pretty unusual alpha ability.

Last week, Yoba spent a bit of time chatting with a group of bloggers/journalists about season three of Alphas, Harken’s evolving relationship with Gary and the impact that Kat has on his character. He also displayed a wee bit of an alpha ability himself…

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Alphas – Blue Collar Superheroes for a Salary and a Great Dental Plan!


Syfy’s new original series, Alphas [Mondays, 10/9C], is a unique take on people with extraordinary powers. It may remind of things we have seen before, but it manages to take familiar ideas into fresh territory. They might seem like superheroes on paper, but the reality is far more interesting.

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