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Mortdecai Is Mostly Dead!

Once again, Johnny Depp shows his talent for slipping completely into a character. What a shame that this character is almost completely unnoteworthy. Mortdecai (the movie) wants to be a knowing send up of sixties caper movies, espionage thrillers and, possibly, the superb BBC series Lovejoy. Instead, it’s Johnny Depp plays the worst of Mr. […]

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Jeff Goldblum Teases the New Season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Talks Acting and Takes Detours!

While teleconference Q&A sessions can never really take the place of one-on-one interviews. they do have one big advantage – if someone preceeding you in the queue asks a question you might never have considered, it can change your approach and the results can be very interesting – especially when the Q&A session is with […]