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It’s always a treat when we get the chance to chat with Jeff Lewis from ‘Flipping Out’ on BRAVO. You never know what he’s going to say and where the conversation will go but it is definitely entertaining and anything but dull.

I had a chance to catch up with Jeff and once and for all find out if his long-time house manager Zoila did in fact kill housekeeper Lupe. Find out after the jump…

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After 8 seasons of laugh out loud fun and over the top hyjinx its time so to say goodbye to our friends at Psych. Shawn and Gus solve their final case Wednesday March 26 9/8c on USA Network.

A group of us had a chance to chat with the guys to reminisce about the last 8 seasons and whats ahead for James, Dulé and creator Steve Franks .

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To answer your question…..”she feels like an old friend.”

That was Danneel Harris’ heartfelt and candid response to my question about what it felt like to be returning to the role of Rachel Gattina on One Tree Hill after a year’s absence from the role in this, EM’s second part to our two-part article series on the return of Danneel Harris/Rachel Gattina to the hit CW series One Tree Hill.

And what a busy year it has been for the talented thirty year old actress who originally hails from Lafayette, LA but has made Los Angeles, CA her home since moving there to take up acting. Since last appearing on the series back in season 5, Harris has worked on such projects as the independent movie Mardi Gras (which is still in post production), guest starring roles on such hit TV series as NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, CSI and CSI: Miami.  2009 really turned up the heat for the red-haired beauty who found herself not only on Maxim’s Hot 100 list of beautiful woman yet again (coming in at #28), but as the host of their MTV special high-lighting this year’s event.  In the early part of 2009, Danneel Harris  was out promoting the comedy movie Fired Up, in which she starred as a cheerleader.

In late spring and early summer, Danneel Harris found herself in front of the cameras again having gained roles in not one, but two upcoming big screen feature films: Screen Gems horror flick, The Roommate and CBS Films/Escape Artist’s comedy The Back-Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez. Both movies are going into post production looking to release in early 2010.

And now she is on set in Wilmington, NC filming her return to One Tree Hill as the sexy, known to be a troublemaker, Rachel Gattina for the hit CW series’ 7th season (while also flying back and forth to NYC to finish filming The Back-Up Plan). EM caught up with Danneel Harris in between her hectic filming schedules to chat with her about coming back to One Tree Hill

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Danneel Harris joined the cast of One Tree Hill in the hit show’s 3rd season when series creator Mark Schwahn added the character of sexy, vixeny red head Rachel Gattina to the high school based drama. Gattina’s character ran the gamut from being Brooke’s (Sophie Bush) rival on the cheerleading squad and for the affections of Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) one of Raven’s star basketball players, to becoming a friend who takes the sole fall for the theft of a calculus exam stolen by both she and Brooke. Rachel’s subsequent expulsion from Tree Hill High for this act has her convincing Mouth (Lee Norris) who has always been attracted to Rachel to run off with her. Yet Rachel abandons him after a few weeks and disappears without a trace. This was the character’s exit from the series in season 4. Danneel Harris moved forward in her career to take a role in the big screen movie, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

There were a lot of rumors swirling around last year before the beginning of season six of One Tree Hill that Danneel Harris would once more be returning to reprise her role of Rachel Gattina. Those rumors didn’t pan out but the good news for fans of the talented Ms. Harris is that Rachel Gattina is back to One Tree Hill for season seven to throw her own unique dynamic back into the mix.

Besides One Tree Hill fans that have been missing the sexy redhead excited to have her coming back to the show, both Mark Schwahn the creator/producer of the series and the lovely Danneel Harris, the actress behind the role are also excited to have Rachel coming back. EM caught up with both Mark Schwahn and the very busy Danneel Harris to do exclusive interviews with them on this exciting turn of events for th hit CW series. In this first installment, we talk to Schwahn and get all the scoop about the decisions to bring Rachel back to the show again and why season seven was the best time to do it.

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HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Rob Cohen talks Mummy with Scott Essman

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Rob Cohen talks Mummy with Scott Essman

Our Resident Studio plan, Scott Essman sat down with famous Action Director, Rob Cohen last week to talk about the upcoming release of the Mummy DVD and Blu-ray, scheduled to hit the streets December 16. I think I got the concept of the Studio Plant wrong, because aren’t they supposed to be secret?  All anonymous and spy like? Fooling our readers with glowing reviews of awful flicks? Not to mention it makes us sound more important – ooh, we have unnamed sources at the studio… Oh well, check out this EM Exclusive, it’s pretty good.


Former wunderkind producer and executive Rob Cohen burst onto the directing scene with his biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story in 1993.  Since that time, he has become one of the renowned action directors in Hollywood with films including Dragonheart, The Fast and the Furious, and XxX.  Last year, he undertook his biggest project to date, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the second sequel in Stephen Sommers’ mega-hit from 1999, The Mummy, an update of the 1932 Universal classic about the O’Connell family tracking a series of resurrected warriors in the mid-20th century.  New to the franchise is Jet Li, who stars as Emperor Han alongside regular Brendan Fraser as Rick O’Connell and his wife Eve, this time played by Maria Bello, and Michelle Yeoh as a fellow adventurer.  In this exclusive interview, conducted just days before the film’s original August 2008 release date, Cohen waxes on all things Mummy and the machinations of his skyrocketing directing career.

Q: Regarding The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, why did you choose to direct a sequel, which I don’t think you’ve done to date?

ROB COHEN:  I’ve never done a sequel to my own movies because there always seems to be new and better ideas out there than to do the same thing you just did.  So when they said Mummy 3, I went, “What?”  And then my agent said, “I just want you to know before you pass on it without reading it, that it all takes place in your favorite country – China. The Terra Cotta Army of Zi Yuan are the mummies.” And the script by Al Gough and Miles Millar was really good and funny.  It wasn’t quite what I wanted to do, but it was a foundation that we could build on because it had the story and it had the great idea about the Terra Cotta Army.  As the mummies and the theme mummy as one of the emperors of China have come back for conquering the world – I just wanted to do, always, since Dragon, a movie about China.

Q: What was your initial idea as to your directorial approach to this film?

ROB COHEN:  I always thought that the way to approach China was to do a fantasy.  I had been preparing The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad at Sony, but when Stealth didn’t work, they cancelled it.  When I read The Mummy, I thought all the imagination, the work and research that I’d done on Sinbad could be used here and I was very excited.  And I met with Stephen and Bob Ducsay and producers Sean Daniel and Jim Jacks and I had a really wonderful meeting with them.  I could be very direct; I said what I thought and said, “If you can get with these ideas, I’ll do it, and if you can’t, then I’m the wrong guy.”  And they loved the ideas and credit to Stephen as he had a very good sense of detachment, and he was excited about the franchise having a new energy and a new approach.  When you see it, it’s more a movie of mine than one would suspect because it‘s the third one in a franchise.  It has 1,000 3D visual effects that are mind boggling, and it even has an avalanche sequence.  So it has battles and three-headed dragons, and yeti, and chases, and romance, and humor.  It’s a very detailed, very epic film, having a big fantasy that draws upon a lot of things from Chinese culture that I love.
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Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Billboard chart topper and rising star Colby O’Donis. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, his latest single “What You Got” featuring Akon, should clarify things for you. This talented quadruple threat (singer, songwriter, dancer and producer) is more than just another studio manufactured teen sensation. While Colby is a young guy, he’s also a very talented musician with a solid plan for the future, not to mention making a deep impression in the music industry by teaming with some of the hottest acts out there. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the interview below and run over to his MySpace ( page and judge for yourself. You wont be disappointed!

EM: So tell me your story. How did you get to where you are? How do you go from a talented kid wanting to be an entertainer to a singer, songwriter and producer making music with Akon?

CO: I started professionally when I was nine and I got signed to Full Force who worked with Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam to N’SYNC to Britney Spears to Usher to Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez…I mean they work with so many artists. Then I got signed to sing on the Stuart Little soundtrack. Before I actually got signed to Akon I had six independent albums that I did on my own so I’ve been at it for a long time. You know I’ve actually been signed to Akon for a little bit over three years now so you know I’m just starting to come out now. It’s a blessing! We’re really excited about it.

EM: Your song “What You Got” is a really hot track right now. Do you have a fully album coming out anytime soon?

CO: Yes. The albums coming out September 16th and the features on the album are gonna be great. It’s gonna be…we got Akon of course, Paul Wahl is on the album, Lil’ Romeo is on the album.

EM: Wow, it sounds like you’ve got it pretty loaded up!

CO: Yeah, oh yeah, definitely going to be an amazing album. We’re really excited about all of this.

EM: It sounds like you’re pretty much snagging all of the heavy hitters right off the bat. Is there anybody you’re looking forward to working with in the future?


EM: Ludacris? Is that the number one?

CO: Oh yeah. I tried to get him on this album but he was actually filming a movie so he wasn’t in the states so he couldn’t get to the studio to do it but next album for sure.

EM: So what music has influenced you over the years? What are you listening to?

CO: I definitely listen to Akon, Usher, Justin Timberlake…a lot of talented people, musically influenced music definitely a great inspiration drives me in what I’m doing right now.

EM: You’re a producer as well. Would you consider producing for somebody else? Have you produced anybody else?

CO: Oh yeah, definitely. I’m doing a lot of stuff with Akon right now we’re working on some big projects together. I wrote 14 of the 15 songs on my album so I’ve been at it and I produced a lot of songs too and I mixed a lot of songs also so I’m excited about this album to show people what I can do.

EM: Don’t you have another single coming out?

CO: Yeah, the second single is called “Don’t Turn Back”. Pretty much it’s about this beautiful girl that’s working a nine to five job and her boss treats her like crap and I’m pretty much telling her to quit the nine to five, let me take care of all the financial needs, take care of all the money issues and let her chase her dream and enjoy life because I don’t think someone as beautiful as her should be breaking her back working.

EM: That sounds wonderful to me! Sounds like an awesome song and I can’t wait to hear it.

CO: It’s actually on my Myspace ( You can check it out!
For more on Colby’s latest tracks check out or go to iTunes to download his latest single “Don’t Turn Back”.

EM Interview by:
Tiffany N. D’Emidio

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Hey, hey, we have another fantastic contest for you. Because we’ve been such good whores for all things BSG, the folks at Universal Home Video have given us five copies to give away. The DVD hits the street on Dec. 4 and will be a two disk extravaganza. This contest will run for the next two weeks. On Wednesday, Dec 12 shoot me an email with your full mailing address and User ID. That’s it. Post a comment about BSG, or the SCI-Fi Network for a chance to win, it’s that simple.

In the meantime check out some of these exclusive SFX shots! These shots are not your typical approved artwork, this comes directly from the pipeline of production at Universal Studios. Our source had a chance to meet with the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA editors, and they pulled this actual step-by-step visual effects sequence from the show. Warning, these are nice huge pictures. [click to continue…]

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