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Brad Carter chats about FX’s “Sons Of Anarchy”


Brad Carter Sons Of Anarchy 10-29-14

FX’s Sons Of Anarchy is back for season 7!  This season begins ten days later with Jax in jail on a parole violation and dealing with the loss of the woman he loved.  He then plans for complete and merciless retribution with the support of the outlaw motorcycle club (MC).  The illegal arms business hidden behind the guise of the automotive shop continues to be driven by the seduction of money, power, and blood. As the last season of this popular show, be prepared for anything.

Jax tries to ally with Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson), a shot caller for Aryan Brotherhood who is currently incarcerated by trying to meet Leland Gruen (Brad Carter), the right hand of Ron Tully.  I had the opportunity to chat with Brad about his current role on “Sons Of Anarchy” and his upcoming role on “Ascension”.

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Showrunner Greg Plageman chats about Person Of Interest

Greg Plageman Person Of Interest red carpet 10-14-14

“Person Of Interest” is back for season 4 with its premiere on September 23, 2014! As season 3 ended, the  “Machine team” were forced to take on new identities as they avoided the evil Samaritan. As showrunner Greg Plageman puts it, “It is a war between two machines.”  He further notes, “If those three seasons were about surveillance, we think this is the season about artificial intelligence.”  I caught up with Greg  to discuss this exciting new season of “Person Of Interest.”

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Amy Acker chats about Person Of Interest

Amy Acker Person Of Interest screenshot  2 10-14-14

Skilled computer hacker Root (Amy Acker) had a rocky start with Sameen Shaw and the rest of the Machine Gang in season 1.  Later, she became a vital link to talking with The Machine.  As season 3 ended, she created seven blind spots in Samaritan, corresponding to seven separate identities to ensure survival of the team.  The team dispersed with their new identities.  As season 4 starts, Harold Finch lost his desire for the numbers and The Machine.  Root reignites that passion and meets up with the rest of the gang as new challenges await them. I chatted with Amy about her character and this current season of “Person Of Interest.”

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Michael Emerson chats about Person Of Interest

Michael Emerson Person Of Interest screenshot 10-8-14

Billionaire software genius Harold Finch has a mission of preventing crime in New York City using social security numbers generated from The Machine.  However, he barely escapes with his own life in Season 3.  This season, he assumes a new identity as he tries to avoid the ever watchful eye of Samaritan.  Emmy award winner and Golden Globe nominee Michael Emerson took time to chat with me about his character and this current season of “Person Of Interest.” Continue reading

Jim Caviezel chats about CBS’s Person Of Interest

Jim Caviezel screenshot 2 9-27-14

Jim Reese is the alias for this former army Special Forces soldier/CIA paramilitary operations official who works with Harold Finch, a reclusive private billionaire software genius.  Together, they work to prevent crime among residents of New York City using numbers generated by The Machine.   Now things have changed. New jobs, same mission.  As we enter into season 4 with the premiere on Tuesday, September 23, Jim Reese is in for a new challenge as he and his cohorts battle to stay undetected under the ever watchful eye of Samaritan.

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John Simms chats about Intruders, BBC America’s latest thriller

John Simm Intruder screenshot

Jack Whalen is a former LAPD cop who retires to rural Washington state with his wife (Mira Sorvino). Suddenly, he notices she’s behaving erratically. In the meantime, strange things are happening around him. He searches for the key to save her from forces that threaten to overwhelm them both.

I caught up with John Simm(“Life on Mars”, “State of Play”, “Doctor Who”) during a roundtable interview to discuss this thrilling new show.   From playing an American for the first time to spooky ghost sounds on set, check out John Simm’s interview as he gives us behind the scenes scoop on “Intruders”.

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Tracey Birdsall talks about award winning Dawn Of The Crescent Moon and Do You Like Your Balls?

Tracey Birdsall Maverick Award winner

DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON and DO YOU LIKE YOUR BALLS? had their Los Angeles premieres on August 23, 2014 at the 10th annual Action On Film Festival.  DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON owned the night with winner of best cast
performance in a feature, and best actress in a feature.   DO YOU LIKE YOUR BALLS? in turn won best comedy scene.  The award winning and always talented Tracey Birdsall chats with Eclipse Magazine about these films.


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Kristina Anapau talks about Altergeist

Photography: Angela Marklew. Makeup and Hair: Teal Druda

Six ghost hunters are given the rare opportunity to carry out paranormal investigations at King’s Ransom Winery, one of the most haunted places in America. Its history is tainted by a long history of bizarre suicides. Kristina Anapau plays ghosthunter Theresa. As this multi-talented actress prepared to return to LA from Switzerland, where she was busy with promotion for her latest endeavor, she took time from across the Atlantic Ocean to chat with Eclipse Magazine about the spine-chilling horror film ALTERGEIST!

Kristina on location at the Gstaad Palace in Gstaad, Switzerland.   Credits: Photography- Claire Collard. Makeup and Hair- Grace Berliner. Shawl by Hayley Menzies. www.hayleymenzies.com

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Kathy Searle talks about My Man Is A Loser

Kathy Serle headshot     

My Man Is Loser is a comedic film about two men Marty (Michael Rapaport) and Paul (Bryan Callen) who seeks the help of single playboy Mike (John Stamos) to get their mojo back and revive their marriages. Despite their best intentions, things start to backfire during their misadventures, leaving the wives to wonder if the new versions of their husbands are worse than the old ones.  The hilarious Kathy Searle plays the role of Marty’s wife Lianne and is here today to talk about this film.

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Matthew Lillard talks about “The Bridge” Season 2

Matthew Lilliard screenshot 2

Matthew Lillard was on set to talk about his role as the hard partying El Paso Times reporter Daniel Frye whose promising journalism career had been marred by his  substance abuse; investigating the  bridge murders may be his only ticket to redemption.

Matthew met with journalists and bloggers to talk about the second season of “The Bridge”, which returns on July 9, Wed. 10/9c on FX.


The Bridge promo poster

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Diane Kruger talks about “The Bridge” Season 2


Diane Kruger screenshot

We are back with more interviews from the set visit to “The Bridge”! Our first featured interview was with Demian Bichir. We return with a second featured interview with none other than the wonderful lead actress Diane Kruger who plays El Paso homicide detective Sonya Cross.  She met with journalists and bloggers to talk about the season of “The Bridge”, which returns for a second season on July 9, Wed. 10/9c on FX.

The Bridge promo poster

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