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People Say Nothing Is Impossible Trailer: Christopher Robin!

Disney’s Chirstopher Robin – Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) with his longtime friend Winnie the Pooh (voiced by Jim Cummings) – Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

Middle-aged Christopher Robin has lost his way, but a friend from his past is about to change all that – and I must see this film!

Christopher Robin opens on August 3rd.

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I’ve Cracked Trailer: Disney’s Christopher Robin!

Disney’s Christopher Robin – Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) and Winnie the Pooh (voiced by Jim Cummings).

The adult Christopher Robin has lost his way – and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood must try to help him rediscover his inner child.

Disney’s Christopher Robin stars Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin and is directed by Marc Forster.

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FX’s Fargo To Premiere 3rd Season in April!

Season three of Fargo stars Ewan McGregor  as brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy – one the ‘Parking Lot King of Minnesota,’ the other a parole officer living in his brother’s shadow.

Fargo: Season Three also stars Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and David Thewlis.

The FX series – now shooting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – will premiere on Wednesday, April 19th.

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Echo Trailer: T2 Trainspotting!


Rent Boy, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie are still making choices twenty years on, but now those choices include social media, unnamed designer drugs, and, as always, life.

One constant remains – Begbie is still angry.

Danny Boyle’s T2 Trainspotting will arrive in select North American theaters on March 3, 2017 before platforming out beginning March, 10. The new trailer tries a bit too hard to echo the classic Trainspotting trailer of twenty years ago. Check it out after the break.

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Mortdecai Is Mostly Dead!

Mortdecai - Oops!

Once again, Johnny Depp shows his talent for slipping completely into a character. What a shame that this character is almost completely unnoteworthy.

Mortdecai (the movie) wants to be a knowing send up of sixties caper movies, espionage thrillers and, possibly, the superb BBC series Lovejoy. Instead, it’s Johnny Depp plays the worst of Mr. Bean – in a Rolls.

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Slightly Off-Centre Trailer: Mortdecai!

Mortdecai Movie (3)

Johnny Depp’s new film, Mortdecai, follows the very British and slightly dim Charles Mortdecai as he searches for a stolen painting that might have a code to a lost bank account containing Nazi gold. The trailer is amusing in a slightly off-centre manner, but it’s easy to see why it’s been scheduled for the boondocks date of February 6th, 2015.

Of course, one simply never knows. Does one? Check it out after the jump.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Men Who Stare At Goats Made Me Laugh!

Grant Heslov’s The Men Who Stare at Goats opens with the disclaimer: More of this is true than you would believe. Based on the non-fiction book of the same name, it is a film that looks at the U.S. Armed Forces’ attempts to explore the possibility of using paranormal abilities for war.

men who stare at goats

The framing story for the film follows minor league reporter Bob Wilton [Ewan McGregor] as he attempts to find a meaningful story to justify himself to his wife – who has left him for his editor. When he stumbles onto former soldier and “Jedi Warrior” Lyn Cassady [George Clooney], he finds himself in the Kuwait desert on a direct line to the story of the century: the Army trained psychic super-soldiers! Between the moments of the on the-road/buddies part of the movie, Wilton watches Cassady burst a cloud and run into the only boulder in sight – in any direction. And things just get loopier from there.

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