TELEVISION: BOOM[!] Go Its Ratings So ABC Gives Castle Third Season!


For each of its last two episodes [a two-parter guest starring Dana Delaney], ABC’s Castle [Mondays, 10/9C] has chalked up double-digit ratings increases resulting in the show being renewed for 2010-11.

The two-episode arc had Kate Beckett [Stana Katic] and Richard Castle [Nathan Fillion] being joined by FBI profiler Jordan Shaw [Delaney] when a serial killer began calling Beckett about murders he’d just committing – the twist being that he was calling Nikki Heat, the character Castle writes about in his new series of mystery novels. The first part of the story ended in a classic cliffhanger – which may have helped the second increase.

Besides having Dana Delaney guest starring, Castle has also benefited from having the new season of Dancing with the Stars as its lead-in.

Photo courtesy ABC; Photo by Adam Larkey