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MOVIE REVIEW: Terminator Salvation breathes New Life

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Fast forward to Los Angeles in the year of 2018. The human race is very sparse and we are fighting a war against the machines. Enter John Connor who was part of the resistance when his team was killed while finding information on a new type of Terminator. He is suddenly a leader trying to stop the war from going any further.  Marcus finally awoke from his coma to discover that everything he knew was gone. He runs into a young Kyle Reese & a young girl who were hiding from a Terminator. Then they intersect a radio broadcast from John Connor who is asking all in the resistance to continue the fight against the machines and to survive.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Terminator Salvation Keeps Hope in the Franchise Alive


By the year 2018, the war between man and machines will be full throttle (no McG pun intended). As the humans band together and form the resistance, one of their foremost leaders is John Connor, a man who has been fighting in this war since before he was born. This is where Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment of the franchise, launches from.

The reviews for this movie are going to be incredibly polarized. Some are going to enjoy it immensely while others will decry it for ruining James Cameron’s science fiction classics. I’ve already an amazing amount of articles saying it’s the worst movie ever, and others that talk about how well crafted it is.
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Charlie Bartlett: Would You Like to Talk About It?

Charlie Bartlett Review EclipseMagazine.com 

The trailer for Charlie Bartlett revolves, mostly, around the application of prescription to elicit humor. If the film had been solely about that, it would likely have been just as entertaining, but it would have been a one-trick pony. Fortunately, it is both smarter and wiser than that.

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