Showrunner Greg Plageman chats about Person Of Interest

Greg Plageman Person Of Interest red carpet 10-14-14

“Person Of Interest” is back for season 4 with its premiere on September 23, 2014! As season 3 ended, the  “Machine team” were forced to take on new identities as they avoided the evil Samaritan. As showrunner Greg Plageman puts it, “It is a war between two machines.”  He further notes, “If those three seasons were about surveillance, we think this is the season about artificial intelligence.”  I caught up with Greg  to discuss this exciting new season of “Person Of Interest.”

Person Of Interest Season 4 10-14-14

Greg Plageman (“Cold Case”, “NYPD Blue”, “Chase”)brings his expertise as a successful producer and writer to the forefront as showrunner, executive producer, and writer of “Person Of Interest” .   Greg talks about the blurred lines of science fiction with the aftermath of real life NSA leaker Edward Snowden, how the superpower is determined by who can develop artificial intelligence first, and how this show is more than just another procedural show.

Check out this must see interview with Greg  on what to expect on season 4 of  “Person Of Interest”!


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As Greg mentions, “Your smartphone may know a lot more about you than you thought.” Intrigued?  Scared? Just want to see a great show about a technological world that could potentially be more real than we think?  Then watch “Person Of Intruders” on at 10/9c every Tuesday on CBS!

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