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Kids Will Be Kids! Octavia Spencer Talks Fox’s Red Band Society!

Octavia Spencer - Michael Becker

Fox’s new drama Red Band Society is about a group of teenss whose illnesses require them to live in the hospital. The pilot avoids the expected clichés and cutesy kinds of moments one might expect in favor of telling stories about characters who live with the prospect of the unknown every day.

Oscar®-winner Octavia Spencer plays Nurse Jackson, the understanding but firm woman in charge on the floor. Late last week, she spoke with a group of journalists bloggers about the show and her part in it. Red Band Society premieres on Wednesday, September 17th. Continue reading

John Simms chats about Intruders, BBC America’s latest thriller

John Simm Intruder screenshot

Jack Whalen is a former LAPD cop who retires to rural Washington state with his wife (Mira Sorvino). Suddenly, he notices she’s behaving erratically. In the meantime, strange things are happening around him. He searches for the key to save her from forces that threaten to overwhelm them both.

I caught up with John Simm(“Life on Mars”, “State of Play”, “Doctor Who”) during a roundtable interview to discuss this thrilling new show.   From playing an American for the first time to spooky ghost sounds on set, check out John Simm’s interview as he gives us behind the scenes scoop on “Intruders”.

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Sean Astin chats about FX’s The Strain

    The Strain - Sean Astin screenshot 

Since its’ premiere on July 13, “The Strain” has taken Season 1 by storm.  Where else can you fuse vampires and apocolypse and deadly viruses into one show?  And we are not talking handsome romantic teen vampires either.  In the same vein of “Game Of Thrones”, nobody, not even the main characters, are guaranteed safety to the end of the season.

Sheldon Wiebe and myself recently attended a conference call Q&Q with the talented Sean Astin.  Sean Astin discusses his character Jim Kent, his adventures on the set of “The Strain” and working with Guillermo Del Toro, and his thoughts on Episode 8.

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Talking About Utopia: Starting Civilization (Almost) From Scratch!

Cast - Adam Rose

On Sunday, September 7th, FOX will present the first episode of a truly different unscripted series – one that the network is called a social experiment: Utopia. The idea of the series is to take fifteen would-be Utopians and isolate them someplace where they can hammer out an ideal (i.e.: utopian) society – then let them try to do it. Utopia is being aggressively scheduled and marketed – following Sunday’s premiere (8/7C), episodes will air on Tuesday, September 9th (9/8C) and Friday, September 12th (8/7C).

Earlier this week, I took part in a conference call Q&A session with Utopia’s Executive Producer, Jon Kroll, and FOX’s Executive Vice President of Alternative Entertainment, Simon Andreae to find out exactly what the show was about – and how things have going since the first fifteen Utopians were brought together.

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Legends’ Sean Bean Opens Up On TNT’s New Uncover Drama!

01 - Justin Stephens

The first episode of TNT’s Legends introduced us to Martin Odum, a star when it comes to building cover identities, or legends, for undercover operations. Then it hit us with a twist: a mysterious guy in a hoody told Odum that Martin Odum didn’t exist – Odum is a legend!

Recently Tiffany D’Emidio and I took part in a conference call Q&A with Legends’ star, Sean Bean. He talked about how he helped develop the character with series creator Howard Gordon – and what we might expect as we follow the show.

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Demian Bichir Talks Change on FX’s The Bridge!

THE BRIDGE -- Pictured: Demian Bichir as Marco Ruiz -- CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

The second season of The Bridge (FX, Wednesdays, 10/9C) has, if you can believe it, gotten even darker than season one. Virtually every relationship on the show is markedly different than last season.

Demian Bichir took a few moments from his day off to talk with a group of journalists/bloggers about the new season and some of the changes we’re seeing.

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Wilfred’s Elijah Wood on Ryan, Wilfred and Wrapping Up the Series!

WILFRED (Season Premiere, Wednesday, June 25, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman -- CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX

If there are two roles that have served notice more blatantly, that Elijah Wood is more than Frodo, they would be Sin City’s serial-killing Kevin and Wilfred’s (FXX, Wednesdays, 10/9C) Ryan – and Ryan has been around for considerably longer, taking advice from a dog, so probably more influential.

Now having finishing shooting the show’s fourth and final season, Wood spent some time talking with a group of bloggers/journalists about Ryan’s progress, saying goodbye to the sow’s family of cast and crew and having gotten to take Bear home with him – also, the Basement lives on!

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24: Live Another Day’s Evan Katz and Manny Coto Set Up Finale!


24: Live Another Day (Mondays, 9/8C) has been a pleasant surprise for Fox, this summer. Bringing back an even more damaged than ever Jack Bauer has given the network some decent summer ratings and introduced some intriguing new characters as Bauer once more heads off terrorists – this time to ^prevent the deaths of thousands of Londoners.

24 executive producers/writers Evan Katz and Manny Coto spoke with a group of journalists/bloggers on Friday about the series, the challenges presented by the shorter format and how to go out on a shocker, thereby planting the seeds for a possible return for Bauer.

Please note: there is a huge spoiler in this Q&A. If you can’t trust yourself to skip over that part of the Q&A, perhaps you should hold off reading any further until after tomorrow night’s finale.

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The Strain: Guillermo Del Toro and Carlton Cuse Want To Creep You Out!

Del Toro & Cuse

FX’s The Strain (Sundays, 10/9C) approaches vamipirism as a disease – a disease with an intelligence, with nothing remotely sympathetic about it. Premiering this weekend, The Strain will shock you, scare and probably prompt you to laugh nervously as often as you scream (or hold back screams – your choice…).

Eclipse had the opportunity to be a part of a conference call Q&A with Co-creator/Executive Producer Guillermo Del Toro and Executive Producer/Showrunner Carlton Cuse about the series – which they quickly assured us stepped away from sparkly, sympathetic vampires and placed them firmly back into the realm of horror where they belong. Del Toro was running late but joined the session a few minutes in.

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Diane Kruger Sheds an Early Light on Season 2 of The Bridge!

THE BRIDGE -- Pictured: Diane Kruger as Sonya Cross -- CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

The Bridge (FX, Wednesday, 10/9C) is an unusual series, taking, as it does, Mexican/American relations down to a two-city representative sample – a sample that is further deepened by the cities involved, Juarez and El Paso, not quite being typical cities of either country.

Then those relations are taken down to an individual level – El Paso Detective Sonya Cross and Chihuahua State Police officer Marco Ruis. She has Asberger’s, which makes things a bit awkward except for solving crimes; he’s an honest cop in a corrupt environment – also the source of some tension in his life.

Diane Kruger returns to The Bridge for the show’s second season, this week and recently took some time from shooting to chat with a group of journalists/bloggers. Though she was unexpectedly called back to set early, there was enough time for us to dig into season two.

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Jason Gann On Saying Au Revoir to Wilfred!

WILFRED (Season Premiere, Wednesday, June 25, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: Jason Gann as Wilfred -- CR: Frank Ockenfels/FX

FXX’s Wilfred premieres its final season this evening (10/9C) and late last week, we had the pleasure of taking part in a conference call Q&A with series creator/star, Jason Gann.

Creatively, the series may have been a bit too far into the absurd to maintain a large audience, but it was always thought provoking and smart – something that continues, and remains hard to explain in a sentence (‘It’s about a depressed guy who gets life lessons from a selfish dog with a short attention span who is played by a guy in an obviously fake dog suit’ doesn’t even begin to capture the wonder and the weirdness that is Wilfred). Gann, as usual, was smart and genial – and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Wilfred reappear in some other incarnation at some nebulous point in the future. For now, it is what it is – and that is hugely entertaining.

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