Recap: Once Upon a Time “Breaking Glass”


Regina’s back! Regina’s back! Finally we get more than a minute of our favorite former Mayor. “Breaking Glass” proves to be the turning point for Regina and Emma’s relationship, gives us a glimpse into Emma’s teen years and in true Once Upon a Time fashion we end up having more questions than answers.

This week we start things off with Emma and Elsa at the station going through old files brought over from the Mayor’s office. The new dynamic-duo discovers a stack of photos taken by Sidney from when Emma first arrived in Storybrooke. As Elsa makes her way through the stack she’s discovers a photo of Emma and none other than the Snow Queen in her ice cream shop. Crazy thing is Emma has no recollection of this meeting which just adds more questions to their already complicated mission. So of course Emma runs to the only person who can help. Regina.

Elsa tags along as she and Emma make their way to the cemetery to Regina’s crypt hoping she’ll be able to shed some light on to the nature of these photos. Elsa discusses the nature of Emma and Regina’s strained relationship and decides to wait in the car while Emma goes to speak with Regina reassuring Emma that it’s not too late to work things out with Regina but they should talk in private.


While waiting in the Bug for Emma, Elsa has a vision of her sister, Anna begging for help off in the distance of the cemetery. Sure, there’s no way this is a trap Elsa. Go ahead, leave the car and chase after her. No biggie. Sure enough Elsa chases after what looks like her sister who appears across the ravine where Regina destroyed the bridge and Emma learned to hover. Elsa in true Frozen fashion creates an ice bridge and continues to chase after her sister.

Just as Elsa reaches Anna and they embrace, the Snow Queen appears only to shatter Elsa’s hopes revealing her sister is in fact a fake. Elsa is literally brought to her knees and shackled in ice chains by the Snow Queen so they can have a heart-to-heart in a pile of snow. The Queen reveals that she has no intention of hurting Elsa but she needs her out of the way to bring her plan to fruition. When Elsa asks her what she’s planning the Snow Queen simply answers “I’m going to build a snowman”. Really anything Elizabeth Mitchell says will make you swoon so just go with it.

Back at the crypt Emma once again apologizes to Regina explaining who much she admires all the work she is putting in to trying to save the wife of the man she loves. Regina is fed up with Emma trying to fix things. She’s doesn’t care what Emma’s intentions were then or what they are now she has no intention to forgive Emma anytime soon because she just doesn’t want to. Emma takes the hint and head out to grab Elsa to continue their search for the Snow Queen. Unfortunately, once she reaches the Bug she realizes Elsa is gone. Fearing the Snow Queen has taken her, Emma makes her way through the woods on her own.


Once Emma leaves, Regina summons Sidney for information about the Snow Queens lair so she can locate the Queen on her own. Sidney puts up a fight and tries to threaten Regina by holding the information hostage but our favorite former Mayor isn’t having any of it. She threatens to really show Sidney some pain if he doesn’t cooperate and lead her to the Snow Queen. In true sniveling henchmen fashion Sidney concedes and agrees to guide Regina to the ice lair through her magic compact mirror.


Running through the woods searching for Elsa and the Snow Queen, Emma runs into Regina on her own mission. They of course exchange some snarky repartee and decide to join forces to complete their common goal. As they reach the ravine they notice the bridge made of ice which of course they cross but half way there Emma notices something isn’t right. The Snow Queen knows they are there. But how? Sidney! Regina realizes he has betrayed her and sure enough he shows up in her compact mirror to confirm he’s jumped ship and now works for the Snow Queen and Regina can well…jump off a bridge.

Our favorite Swan Queen team doesn’t have much time to discuss how many ways Regina will destroy Sidney because the bridge is now starting to crumble forcing them run for their lives. They just barely make it across in time only to stumble into a giant ice warrior.



I have to say again that the CGI for this season has been pretty damn good. They really have stepped it up a notch. Both Emma and Regina try to individual destroy the ice warrior but can’t because they are better together as a team. Team Swan Queen. Once they stop to combine forces they annihilate the ice warrior but sure enough the Snow Queen is not far behind ready and waiting.


The Snow Queen’s power must be pretty significant because before either of our girls have a chance to put the hurt on her she magically grabs both by the throat and stops them in their tracks. Not far behind to save our Swan Queen duo is none other than Elsa. She gave herself a pep talk and broke free from the ice chains in time to make it to Emma and Regina’s rescue. Elsa blast’s the Snow Queen with her icy magic throwing her back and releasing Emma and Regina from her hold. The Queen is surprised and impressed because this was part of her plan all along. Well, Elsa finding her confidence and stealing Regina’s magic compact mirror. She was very specific about needing this exact mirror for reasons we are still not privy too.

What we do know is the Snow Queen seems to want what everyone on this show professes they truly want, a family of her own. This is the common theme though nobody seems to be able to achieve this without death, destruction and years of mayhem before they realize you get more flies with honey than vinegar. What? Did your mom or grandma never teach you that?

Back at the crypt, Emma once again tries to talk to Regina and mend fences. Regina is of course had it with her and can’t understand why Emma doesn’t get that she just wants to be left alone. Emma decides to drop a little knowledge on Regina. Emma isn’t there to make herself feel better as Regina seems to think. Emma wont leave Regina alone because she just wants Regina to be her friend. She doesn’t want to lose her. Emma’s finally found a home, her parents, her kid and with Regina she has found a soul mate. No, Emma didn’t use the word soul mate; that is entirely my own wording. But really it’s what they are for one another.

Romantic relationships aside, these two women are an amazing team and share a great deal. Not just their son but also a similar upbringing in a world that was full of hurt, anger and control. They are also connected through magic. Emma sees Regina as the only other person who understands her, who gets her. No one else in her family has magic and as much as she loves them they can never see Emma’s abilities the way Regina can. Their magic makes them unique, special and through that Emma wants, no needs Regina’s friendship.

Emma informs Regina that she while Regina may want to kill her, she will never give up trying to make things right between them. She wants Regina’s friendship and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Just as Emma is ready to leave Regina stops her informing Emma that she in fact does not want to kill her. Emma’s face lights up like a kid on Christmas seeing a tree full of presents for the first time. And that folks, is the start of a complicated, messy, angsty, yet beautiful friendship.

But we’re not done yet! Back at the station Emma is joined by Hook. Noticing she’s having a tough day offers her some liquid relaxation. Seriously, how much rum do these people drink? It’s good and all but not on the regular. Maybe with a coke and a lime at happy hour now and again but still…I digress.

Emma makes her way through her box of childhood treasures; Emma’s baby blanket, a mood ring, a pair of sunglasses, a Polaroid of Emma and Neal (awkward) and an old camcorder which Hook encourages her to share. Trying to play the role of supportive boyfriend, he would love to see something of Emma’s past.

While watching Emma and a mini Regina look-alike hamming it up for the camera, the next clip shows Emma back in either a group home or with a family. Kids are teasing Emma and have grabbed the camera while it’s recording. When a woman in the background comes into focus and it’s…dun dun dun…THE SNOW QUEEN!

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.