Preview: The 100 Season 4 Episode 2

I broke down and watched the season 4 premiere of The 100. I have to say, other than the Bellarke garbage, I thought the episode was pretty good. They have a long way to go to repair the damage Season 3 caused, but it was a good premiere. I’m going to be recapping this season. I’m really hoping this entire season isn’t all about them solving the nuclear meltdown problem. I think it’ll most likely be wrapped up by Episode 7. I don’t see how they can sustain the plot for a full season. I posted my recap last week and you can check out my new video recaps on YouTube now. Bare with me while I get used to this youtubing thing.  Check out the photos for Episode 2 below. Looks like Abby is going to throw Kane aside and become a Grounder pounder.

Episode 1 Recap

Episode 2 Title

Heavy Lies The Crown


The burden of leading weighs heavily upon Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) when different challenges force them to determine who will live and die. Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Zach McGowan, Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick also star. Ed Fraiman directed the episode written by Justine Juel Gillmer (#402). Original airdate 2/8/2017.