To Have and To Hold Chaps 29 – 30

Chapter 29

Gustave ran all the way to the manor. When he arrived, Antoine and Colette had not arrived yet and found Paulette instead.

“Please give this to Danielle, Mama,” he said, handing over the instructions. “This is important.”

But Paulette shook her head. “She is not here, my son. The King sent around a courier not long before you arrived. They are staying at the castle tonight, Gustave. You can bring it there if you like.”

Gustave shook his head. “They won’t let me into the castle, not without an invitation.” He was about to turn and walk away when a smile came to his lips.

“I know what to do.” He stepped closer and kissed his mother on the cheek. “I will need a horse, though. Would it be possible to take one of the de Barbarac’s prized stallions?”

Paulette smiled. “Of course, my son, providing you return it, of course.”

Gustave grinned and ran for the stables. A few minutes later, he was on the road headed for the castle.

He was looking for Laurent and found him in the soldier’s barracks toward the back of the castle.

“What are you doing here, Gustave, at this hour?”

“Could ask the same of you, Laurent,” Gustave said. “Anyway, I wanted to give you this,” Gustave said, holding out the note. “I heard that Danielle was here and she must read this. This is an urgent matter, Laurent. I would like it delivered right away.”

“Well,” Laurent said, “I suppose I could slip it under her door unless she is awake.”

“I would rather you deliver it to her.”

Laurent smiled. “I will deliver it to her, Gustave, never fear.”

“Thank you, Laurent,” Gustave said. He turned and walked away from the barracks and back to the horse. He jumped on and made for the manor.

Chapter 30

Colette was up at the stroke of two. She lit a torch and ran out to the mud hole. She began to dig and with each small poke in the ground, she became more and more excited. After an hour of digging produced nothing, Colette was beginning to wonder if she was at the right spot.

“I know it was here,” she said, over and over to herself. “I know it was here. I buried it here.” She kept going, mud all over her. What would she tell Antoine when she returned to the manor? Where had she been? She had not been intending to return she planned to cut open the portrait and run. She wanted out of everything. Of this marriage, of living with relatives because they had nowhere else to go. She wanted to be on her own, make it on her own. She could do anything, given the chance, she was convinced of that.

She would do better, had she had her gold francs back. Colette knew they were somewhere in that house, along with the other two treasures. The journal had some instructions in it, she didn’t know what. She would have happy living on some of that gold until she made a name for herself.

But what would it matter now, all that gold was gone, disappeared into thin air. She must find it, she thought. She had to find it. She just couldn’t leave without it.

But where was it. That was the tricky part. All she knew was that she would find it and quickly. She didn’t want to stay here any more than she had to.

To Have and To Hold Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Danielle turned around. Jean-Claude was standing there, smiling. “Glad to see this morning. I was worried about you.”

Danielle looked at him. He is a strange boy, she thought. He is four years older than I. Well then, if this is the way they act when they grow up, I want no part of it, especially you, Jean-Claude. Now Henry, on the other hand,….

“Glad to see you, too, Jean. Now if you will excuse me…”


Down at the other end of the hay field, Henry stopped running. He stared at the other end. Some one was there other than Danielle, someone was standing next to her. Who was it?

He moved in closer this time, still staring at the other end. He squinted against the morning sunlight and frowned. Then he became angry.

“Jean-Claude,” he said. He began to run. Then something suddenly occurred to him.

Why were they going to the manor? Danielle’s father was at the castle, wasn’t he?

“Danielle, wait,” he called out and he began to run as fast as he could.


“Are you going somewhere, Danielle? Your tutor was here and gone, you know. She went over to the castle to give you your lessons.” His smile grew wider and more sinister. “And your father isn’t here, either. Do you think that he ran off somewhere with my mother?”

Danielle was trying to side step around him, but he wouldn’t let her. “Get out of my way, Jean-Claude du Lac and stop making ridiculous accusations. Your mother left with my uncle last night. You know that full well.”

“Do I?” Jean Claude asked, moving closer. “That’s probably why I haven’t seen the two of them all morning.”

My father isn’t here? Danielle thought. Could he still be at the castle? What were they doing here in the first place? “What about my uncle then, Jean. Isn’t he here?

“Well, if it isn’t Jean Claude,” a voice called from behind Danielle. She turned around and caught sight of Henry, huffing and puffing in her ear. “Where is your sister?”

”Right here,” Monique said, coming out from her hiding place. “How nice to see you again.” She smiled until she noticed that he held a book under his arm.

“What is this?” she said, reaching out for the book, but Henry grabbed it with his other hand and put it behind his back. “This is none of your business. It’s only for me and Danielle to…”

“Ah,” Jean Claude said, “so this must be the famous journal we’ve been hearing so much about. “Might we look at this, also? My mother talked of it quite often.”

“Leave him alone, Jean-Claude,” Danielle said, “or else..”

“Or else what?” Jean said, laughing, reaching out to grab the book, but it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Monique had grabbed it from behind, right out of Henry’s hands.


“..YaYa..” is definitely a “chick flick” about the
mother/daughter relationship with the ups and
the downs, the coming to understand each
other and self. A starring vehicle for Sandra
Bullock with the good performances by all.
Did not read the book, but found it predictable.
There is some (humorous) profanity.

To Have and To Hold, Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Danielle stared at her mother’s portrait in awe. “So that’s what my mother looked like. My father always told me how beautiful she was. “

She turned to Gustave, smiling. “You have done a wonderful job, Gustave. Thank you.”

“You really do look like her,” Gustave said, his face turning red.

Danielle smiled and embraced him, then she turned to Henry.

“Thank you for digging this up, Henry, and thank Francois and Laurent for me. How did you know?”

“We couldn’t have known, Danielle. Not until I read the journal. I tried to tell you yesterday…”

“Excuse me, you two, but I cannot keep this,” Gustave said.

“Keep it for a little while, Gustave,” Danielle said. “Just until I tell my father what we found.”

“We can both tell him,” Henry said, looking at her. “Or better still. We can bring him here.”

“Good idea,” Danielle said, “but how will we keep Colette from finding out?”


Colette was frustrated. She sat on the ground shaking her head. She felt as if she was going to cry. She hadn’t any idea what to do. Those broaches she wanted were gone

Who knew where they had hid them? Who could possibly have known? Unless Nicole had told Auguste about it or did she?

Well, whatever it was, she couldn’t stay here anymore. She put her hand down the bosom of her filthy, mud stained gown and pulled out a key. She had always worn this around her neck. Nicole had told her it was to the cellar door. There was one place left where she had heard something had been hidden. She couldn’t remember what it was, though.

Colette stood up. She suddenly felt better.


“The note talks about something in the cellar,” Laurent said, “but it doesn’t say what.”

Auguste smiled. “There is nothing in the cellar, Laurent, nothing at all. I think Nicole mentioned it to throw Colette off. And if there is anything down there, it wouldn’t be worth anything to anyone.”


Colette was a mess. Her key didn’t fit the cellar door. Nicole had always told her to use it if she needed to.

She threw the key away and plopped down on the ground. She began to cry.

“Colette? Colette du Lac?”


Henry and Danielle ran out of Gustave’s studio, laughing and holding hands.

When they got to the hay field, Danielle turned to Henry.

“Race you to the manor,” she said, letting go of Henry’s hand.

Henry smiled. “You’re on,” he said.

Danielle gave him a head start.

Everything seemed fine again as they ran through the hay field towards the manor.

“Danielle, wait,” Henry called out. She had pulled so far ahead that he couldn’t keep up.

Danielle stopped and turned around. She was laughing.

“Hello Danielle, how are you this morning?”

Book-to-Movie adaptations Wish List

Following on from Evil Ash’s topic –

What books/comics would you like to see made into a movie?

And what would be your ideal cast and location for the movie?

I’d love to see some of Georgette Heyer’s books turned into movies as they’re witty and full of character
‘Sylvester’ with Alan Rickman in the lead role and filmed in Bath would be great!

Real World – Chicago

I have watched this season all the way thru and it is hundred times than NY2 wished it would be. This one actually has some good arguments.

Last night’s episode was the icing on the cake. Tonya is a big baby and if it wasn’t for Justin, who knows what would happen. She can’t handle her own life and relies on Justin and the phone way too much. The whole e-mail thing was hysterical.


To Have and To Hold Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Colette almost reached the manor when she stopped dead in her tracks. What was she doing? What had she been thinking? She had to change her whole plan.

She did not want to go back there. It was like a prison, two children waiting for her and a husband who thought that he was one as well. She was tired of it and she needed a change. But she had no where to go and didn’t have any money. What was she supposed to do?

Wait a minute. There was something else buried in the ground. She was sure no one else knew anything about it. And it wasn’t even in the mud hole. It was something that she knew would be worth a lot of money if sold or pawned off.

Their grandmother had given these two identical broaches to them. Colette and Nicole buried them in the ground with the idea of digging them up later and pretending that they had found buried treasure.

Silly childhood notion, she thought, but then, they had been just that, children. Colette wondered what would have happened had Nicole lived.

But right now, she needed this money and she needed to find those broaches.

She looked up and around and noticed the sky was brightening. It would be daylight soon. She was sure that someone would catch her digging. She dismissed the thought and shook her head. She was going to do this, regardless of the consequences.

“Well,” Laurent said, “that’s the last of it,” he set down the small chest in front of Auguste and Francis. “Thank you, Laurent,” Auguste said. “You and Francois should be proud of yourselves.”

“We haven’t opened it yet,” Francois said, “we don’t know if the broaches are still in there.”

Auguste smiled as he lifted the lid, reached in, and brought them up. He showed them to everyone. “They’re in there,” he said laughing. “For a minute, I had almost forgotten what and where they were.”

“According to this note,” Laurent said, “there is still something buried somewhere only I can’t make it out.”

Auguste smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that, Laurent. I have the rest of Nicole’s things right here in my possession.”

Missing from 100 Love Movies

What was missing from the AFI’s list of
AMERICAN top 100 love movies?

My choice is “Trade Winds” from 1938 with
Frederic March and Joan Bennett.
(Probably not considered because it has
never been available on tape or DVD – and
it looks like they want to sell tapes and
This movie changed the careers of
both Joan Bennett and Ann Sothern.

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