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Your Opinion on the Palestinian vs. Israeli Conflict

This post was previously deleted by Malexandria. She has said that it is okay to re-post the thread so here I am. Don’t make any derogatory comments about one side or the other, or the thread may be deleted. Please keep an open mind and listen to eachother’s ideas…

For weeks I have wondered about the Palestinian vs. Israeli conflict in Israel. As a Jew, I feel that I should support Israel and anything they do, yet I feel they have gone overboard lately. When Israel was created as an Independent state on April 16 1948, they built on land that was owned by the Palestinians. They proceeded to treat the Palestinians poorly. The Palestinian response has been a bad one. Instead of targeting the military, they attack Israeli citizens with suicide bombers to make their point. Recently Israel has invaded Palestinian towns and camps and bulldozed everything in sight. Homes have been razed, families in those homes killed, men are all taken away for questioning and the Israelis won’t allow foreign aid into Palestinian areas. The question is, how do you feel about this?

If I was a Palestinian child and my home is bulldozed, I know I would want to kill Israelis. On the other hand, If I was Israeli and my neighbor was killed by a bomb, then I would want to kill Palestinians. That is why the conflict is so confusing. Israel won’t grant Palestinians a true state of their own, but if they did and they had an army, they would probably just attack Israelis anyways. There is a stereotype that all Palestinians are terrorists. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

There are Palestinian doctors, Palestinian lawyers and families just like ours. Their homes are destroyed and they can’t even get into Israel to work. I feel that Israel should withdraw from the West Bank and again offer the Palestinians a state of their own. Arafat hasn’t been helping at all which is also very annoying. What do you think they should do? How do you feel about the situation?


The Scorpion King — Sean’s Review

Can a bona fide summer popcorn flick released in the cinematic doldrums of Spring still succeed when it shuns high-priced CGI effects, alienates its source material and pins its hopes on a larger-than-life WWF star with approximately 9 minutes of screen time to his credit?

Apparently so. The finest compliment I’m able to give Chuck Russell’s sword and sand epic “The Scorpion King” is that it’s “better than I thought it would be,” which is high praise, indeed, though it might not sound like it. It’s a judgment I reserve for films victimized by poor marketing campaigns, and prequels to sequels that stunk.Such is the case with “King,” an adequate jolt of brain candy that easily surpasses benchmarks set (actually, lowered) by last summer’s “The Mummy Returns,” which introduced this film’s lead character and gave him a backstory that‘s never referenced here. Instead, “King” stands on its own as the beginning of a franchise, for better or for worse.“King” also resurrects The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) as its hero, Mathayus, who comes to the table with acting experience under his belt. Remember, he got his start in the WWF, after all. And as an action hero, The Rock offers the complete package. He’s brawny enough for the ladies, flippant enough for the dudes, and packs his own heavy metal soundtrack that cues up every time he enters battle. Sure he’s prone to overacting, delivering lines with forced intensity and a Barry White baritone, but the material practically begs just such a reading.Still, Universal lacks 100% faith in their new star, so “King” features an array of supporting characters that balance out the proceedings while shifting some focus off our hard-to-miss star. Equally massive Michael Clarke Duncan co-stars as Balthazar, the leader of a diminished tribe who fluctuates between friend and foe, while the exotic Kelly Hu plays Cassandra, the powerful sorcerer Mathayus is paid to assassinate. The inconsequential plot pits Mathayus against a Napoleonic empire who resembles Russell Crowe, who has a right-hand man who resembles Tom Cruise. It’s eerie.In the grand scheme of things, “King” falls squarely between the first and second “Mummy” films in terms of pure popcorn entertainment. Where “Mummy Returns” plugged up illogical plot holes with disturbingly bad special effects, “King” possesses a low-budget charm. It guarantees the studio a profit, but also proves in the process that a well-cast ensemble is more valuable to a summer blockbuster than an ill-used blue screenFrom opening sequence to climactic (and fiery) battle, “King” establishes itself as a comic-book caper. The fight scenes exude the energy of most Hong Kong imports, and select set pieces pay homage to Spielberg‘s “Indiana Jones” adventures (the one where The Rock runs from a room under the cover of a spinning dish a la “Temple of Doom” stands out in my mind). Still, Russell gets points for creativity despite the familiar material. “King” isn’t afraid to borrow from multiple sources, but it certainly has its own brand of fun. Grade: B-By Sean O’ConnellApril 19, 2002

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