MOVIE REVIEW: Obsessed – Fatal Attraction of the 21st Century

Obsessed Movie

A brief office encounter between an executive and his new temp turns into one of the well-done stalker movies of our time. Derek Charles has it all. A new house in the suburbs, a lovely wife, a young son, and a great job as an asset manager who has just been promoted within his company. His life could not have been better. That is until one day, a new temp named Lisa was assigned to his office. At first, she adapts quickly to her new office environment and proves to be more efficient than most other secretaries in his office. Then, an evening at the office Christmas party, things start to unravel between Lisa and Derek. Lisa starts to put moves on Derek and begins her deadly obsession with her boss which jeopardizes everything that Derek Charles has worked for. Obsession combines a lot of classic movie elements. It’s the classic new secretary meets her boss.

The temp becomes obssesed with boss and puts his life & career in jeopardy. However, unlike many stalker films over the past 20 years, this movie has a twist. If you have watched the trailers, you know the twist. The film has given new truth to why people should not have office romances. If there was a breakthrough role for Ali Larter, this would be it. Ali portrays Lisa – who at first is a young woman who takes on a temp job to pay the rent – but then starts to show her true colors as the psycho stalker from hell. I haven’t seen such a role this manipulative stalker since Alicia Silverstone in "The Crush" 1993. Lisa proves that once she has you in her sights you better not make her mad. She’s so extreme that she even took Derek out of an important meeting by pretending that she was his wife. Beyonce has started to earn my respect as an actress for once.

Her previous roles always portrayed her in a musical role. However, as Sharon, Beyonce has shed her singing image to become a wife who loved Derek, left him when she believed he had an affair on her, and in the end became a strong woman who protects her family. I have a feeling that Beyonce will become a better actress if she sticks to roles like Sharon. This is director Steve Shill’s very first feature film. He is a television director who has directed shows as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Tudors, & Dexter. For his first time out, his efforts were good.

The characters are believable. And although the plotline has been done one too many times, the twist towards the end was dynamic. The climactic fight scene between Sharon and Lisa is your typical catfight that meets the WWF’s smackdown and theatregoers are sure to come out in droves and will pay full money to watch. This film goes to show that if you are stalking your boss and want to come between a strong marriage, do yourself a favor – DON’T.

Final Grade – A

EM Review by
Dean Rogers
Originally Posted 4.26.09


  1. This movie was DEFINITELY overrated!!!! It was very typical and predictable. I wish i'd waited for the DVD!! 🙁

  2. The story line was not up to par and the movie was not what I expected! I am very disappointed

  3. I thought the movie was awesome! I saw it twice.

  4. the color purple is the best then this

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