Movie News: Captain America: Civil War Cast, Preview Reviews for Vacation, Ricki and the Flash

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Even while Avengers: Age of Ultron continues to dominate at the box office, Marvel is already looking ahead to 2016 when they will debut Captain America: Civil War. Recently, Marvel unveiled a massive cast list for the third Captain America film and it features old characters, new characters, and even some surprises. As such, GeekScholars Movie News begins this week with a discussion about what audiences can expect from this next entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also included in this episodes are some first-looks at trailers. Hit the jump for more.

To close things out, the GeekScholars engage in a pair of Preview Reviews, as they critique the trailers for Meryl Streep’s aging rockstar family drama, Ricki and the Flash, as well as the reboot/sequel Vacation, which builds upon the original 1983 comedy starring Chevy Chase.