Mel B Explains her new App!


Ok, one of the weirder press releases of the week came from Mel B of all people. Seems like she has a weird new augmented reality App. Using an iPad or iPhone, fans can launch the new Mel B app and see Mel and her dance troupe performs right on the viewer’s dining table, inside their home, or virtually anywhere they aim their phone. Veteran creative / technology studios, The Illusion Factory and Questsphere have teamed up with Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, to create a new technology juggernaut, IllusionQuest Interactive. Together, they have just announced commitments to build high profile projects for major Hollywood studios, broadcasters, Macau and Las Vegas casinos, Fortune 50 and other Network sports/entertainment companies utilizing their new patent pending Augmented Reality Television Platform called ARTV™ You can download the App Here. Press Release after break.

Mel B made history last month in the technology sector by beating out Snoop Dogg as the first entertainer who was accepting BitCoin™ as payment for purchase of her new hit single and other merchandise. Now, with her ownership in IllusionQuest Interactive, she is expanding her growing position as the most progressive pop diva with a penchant for new technologies and innovations.

“My husband, Stephen, and I could not be more excited about the potential for this new ARTV™ technology. We believe this will revolutionize the consumer’s experience with music and we see ARTV™ as the new platform that will deliver exciting new interactivity for the fans to engage with,” shared Mel B at a recent press interview. “The ARTV™ positions the subject matter in the end user’s environment to make it feel as if the entire experience is being performed live in your home, work or other location. It is vibrant, innovative and immersive.”

We are proud and excited to bring this dynamic virtual platform to smart phones and the new generation of tablets,” shared Gary Brook, co-founder of IllusionQuest Studios. “I have been dreaming about this paradigm shift for more than a decade and finally all of the necessary components were manifest into reality that allow us to bring this new gaming and entertainment platform to life. Utilizing our ARTV™ functionalities has enabled IllusionQuest Interactive to produce a diverse collection of systems that will dramatically enhance the experiences of the attendees for both live and virtual events.”

“ARTV™ is a perfect solution for brands who seek to provide dynamic experiences that facilitate long term conversations with their customers by giving those customers something in their phone or tablet that is perpetually changing and evolving,” commented IllusionQuest Interactive co-founder, Brian Weiner. “Exhibits change, push notices let the customer know that this has happened and invites them back to the world for new interactions, information or digital swag. With ARTV™, the potential for a multitude of interactions with the end user has just expanded exponentially.”

ARTV™ is a perfect combination of engaging personalities, exciting environments, convenient tools, business models/systems and innovative technologies which create an unparalleled user interaction, continuous audience integration, and a more fulfilling user experience. Consumers no longer wish to be marketed to, they wish to be communicated with. The ARTV™ Platform opens the doors to a whole new paradigm in engagement with the end user.

Driving the ARTV™ platforms are a host of innovative technologies which have been seamlessly interwoven to facilitate the deep functionality of this app. Crowning the many impressive systems that are being developed in the platform are Gyro 360º Navigation with Joystick, Dynamic Exhibits, Stored and Streaming Media, Augmentation of Media, Exhibits or Signage, Interactive Platforms for Sponsors, Accelerated Back End Tracking and Monitoring, Data Capture and Audience Integration, Virtual Currencies, Ongoing Dialogue with End Users, Digital ID, Microtransactions, Data Bump Transfers and more.

“One of the most compelling components of this technology is the ability for our customers to have daily or hourly contests that are dynamic and programmable. This is not an app that has to remain as it was released, the whole idea is for the app to be an ever changing experience that allows the consumers a greater reason to return and engage on a daily basis,” inserts Stephen Belafonte. “These contests drive traffic from virtual world to brick and mortar locations and back again. My team inserted a digital ID card into the app with QR capabilities so our clients can generate contests at their discretion that allow the end user to win discounts or perks that are redeemed using our digital ID card at the customer’s retail locations. Conversely, the customer may be issued digital numeric code on a register receipt or a QR code which they may then redeem in the virtual world for digital merchandise, prizes and perks.”