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Mel B Explains her new App!

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Ok, one of the weirder press releases of the week came from Mel B of all people. Seems like she has a weird new augmented reality App. Using an iPad or iPhone, fans can launch the new Mel B app and see Mel and her dance troupe performs right on the viewer’s dining table, inside their home, or virtually anywhere they aim their phone. Veteran creative / technology studios, The Illusion Factory and Questsphere have teamed up with Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, to create a new technology juggernaut, IllusionQuest Interactive. Together, they have just announced commitments to build high profile projects for major Hollywood studios, broadcasters, Macau and Las Vegas casinos, Fortune 50 and other Network sports/entertainment companies utilizing their new patent pending Augmented Reality Television Platform called ARTV™ You can download the App Here. Press Release after break.

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Apple Media Event – We tell you exactly what is going to be announced

Apple-iPad 3 Media Event

There’s no need to watch today’s spoogefest known as the Apple Media Event, I will tell you exactly what’s going to be in the iPad 3 in less than 200 words – It’s going to be the same as the iPad 2 only:

  • Slightly Thicker
  • Same internals as the iPhone 4s – so slightly faster processor, improved camera
  • Siri
  • The Smart Cover will now have a back (oooh, aaaahhhh)
  • Higher Rez screen

Media will spooge their pants, talk about how innovative and “major” the enhancements are and Apple’s stock will go up another 10%. That’s it, those are your major announcements from today’s iPad 3 event.No need to spend an hour watching.



App Incubator will Turn your iPhone/iPad ideas into Apps

App Incubator

If you have an idea for an iPhone game or app but don’t know how to create one yourself, MEDL Mobile is around to help. The company has a new App Incubator program that lets you submit your idea for your great game. If they like it, they’ll develop it for you. You can submit via their App Incubator app or using their website. They also have a Story Boarding tool (a PDF file) that lets you sketch your idea out frame by frame. They have already achieved success with their new game Jungly Jump, which quickly became a hit and featured selection in the App Store.

Where is iOS4? Non 3GS Users Shouldn’t Bother Updating, it’s Pointless.

As many of you know the new iPhone update iOS4 is supposed to be available today. Apparently, as of  6:30 EST, it hasn’t launched yet, I’m assuming it’ll go live at some point today. The new update really only affects iPhone 3GS users as people like me who have a iPhone 3G and iPad get screwed.  The iPad iOS4 update won’t come until the fall and for iPhone 3G owners a lot of features won’t work including the main draw – multitasking.  I’m assuming iBooks and folders will work – ooh….   I have the latest iPod Touch 64 and am not clear on what will and won’t work on that device, I’m assuming multitasking won’t work either. So really this new “update” is pointless for non 3GS users. Way to once again screw over your customers Apple.

Top Gun for the iPad Game Demo

I still firmly believe that most iPhone games suck, visually they look like real games but try and play a game that’s not a board game or puzzle game and you run into horrible controls and porting these games to the iPad doesn’t make touchscreen games any better.  Top Gun for the iPad looks amazing but watching the guy in the video try and control this game looks painful.

iPad 3G Issues

Many reported issues with their iPad 3Gs over the weekend. Everything from slow and spotty connections to not being able to play some plugins that use video – the ABC App won’t play at all, YouTube and Netflix being downsampled into oblivion.  I don’t know why I expected anything different from AT&T. I know my iPhone is unusable outside of DC and in DC about the only thing I can do with AT&T slow 3G service is check my email, I hate using the iPhone’s web browser, so I rarely do. So now I’m torn as to whether or not to even get the 3G Version. I really want to launch a new iPad site, but to do it I have to get a device I simply don’t like.  I rediscovered the joy of using my Macbook in bed this weekend.

iPad 3G has landed

The iPad 3G has arrived. I do find it odd that they are going to start selling it at retail at 5pm today. How silly is that? I know I love to rag on the iPad, but I’ll probably end up getting the 3G version sometime late next week. I really want to buy it from Amazon because they have better return options and no sales tax, but freaking Apple won’t let Amazon sell it, I really despise Apple and Steve Jobs, so it makes me a hypocrite that I own all their dumb products and will be rewarding their broken, gimped Wi-Fi only iPad buy paying a premium to get the 3G version when I already pay $30 a month for the iPhone data plan and already know AT&T 3G service SUCKS! How retarded am I?

I’ve threatened it before, but I really want to go back to the Windows world get a 13 inch, all day laptop for 600 bucks (I mean that Asus looks hot! 4 Gigs Ram, 500 GB HD, tons of Ports, 12 Hr Battery life…) and just call it a day. I mean I keep saying I’m going to develop iPad/iPhone apps, it’s why I bought a Macbook in the first place but if I haven’t done it in two years, what makes me think I’ll do it this year? I’d rather just pay someone to build my stuff for me and not reward Apple for their bad business practices and products that DON’T “Just Work.”

Michelle’s iPad Woes. Ipad is iCrap, iPoop, an iBrick!

Believe it or not, the iPad is the first consumer electronic product that I ever bought on Day 1. Not only that but I stood in line for what I knew was a pointless piece of hardware to buy. Instead of listening to my head, I let my need for something new and “different” overwhelm my common sense and bought one of these overpriced bricks. In a word, the iPad SUCKS. I justified my purchase because I wanted an nicer Kindle eReader and if it does the web that’s even better. I didn’t like the Kindle 1 or 2 when I first got them, felt they were hard to hold and use in bed, but after a few days I got used to it. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to using the iPad in bed. The thing is just too big and heavy. It’s a nightmare to Sync and constantly crashes my Macbook. Apps are outrageously expensive and most won’t work with your iPhone or iPod touch. It’s biggest sin though it fails at it’s main selling point and that’s as an Internet tablet. The WiFi is GARBAGE! It has a very weak signal and won’t hold a connection for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time.

To make matters worse it didn’t remember my settings I had to re-enter my 10 digit network id so much yesterday that I now have the damn thing memorized. I HATE THIS THING! I’m taking it back in the next few days, to add insult to injury I have to pay the Apple Restocking fee tax of $80 on a piece of crap hardware that DOESN’T work. Even after saying all of this I still end up getting the 3G version because I do have plans to launch an iPad related site, but after the last few days I don’t know if I want to waste my time launching a site dedicated to something I truly dislike. I definitely won’t be spending $1,000 on the 64 Gig 3G version, I’ll split the baby and get the 32-Gig version. I could deal with the iPad’s many annoyances if I didn’t pay $800 for it and had a bit more time to get used to it, but with only 14 days before the return window closes I don’t have the luxury to let this junk grow on me. There’s no way it would be successful if it was by anyone other than Apple.

Michelle hates her iPad and is Returning it!

Ok, boys and girls your fearless leader took a few minutes out of her WonderCon day and purchased a 64 Gig iPad.  I went to the store at about 12:30 pm and didn’t think the store would have anymore, it turns out they had plenty, but I had to wait in line and it would take up to 2 hours. I decided to blow off my 2pm Toy Story 3 interview and experience what it’s like to wait for the hot device of the moment. The woman in front of me was purchasing an iPad as a gift and the Apple “Genius” was trying to convince her to get the 16 Gig version I told her not to waste her time and the Genius gave me a dirty look.  The line moved surprisingly fast, we got to the door in about an 1/2 hour and was greeted by our own personal shopper who escorted us into the store – very cool.

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Michelle’s iPad Review will be late

I know no one visits this site for my ramblings on the state of the tech world, but my review of the iPad is going to be late because I decided to wait for the 3G Version. A few weeks ago, I wrote that I had preordered the 64 GB WiFi version of the iPad. I gave numerous reasons why I think I’d want one. After thinking about it, I cancelled my order because I don’t like “gimped” devices. Yes I know all of the iPad flaws but if I buy something then I will always want the best available version. I don’t see the point of getting the non-wifi version or the 16 or 32 gig versions. As I’ve said on numerous occasions hotel Wi-Fi generally sucks. I love the idea of the Verizon MiFi option, but as long as they use a 5GB cap, there’s no way I would get it.

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