Hollywood Insider: Michelle’s Law and Order Set Visit, Now with Video!


Last Friday I visited the Set of Law and Order. As I mentioned Friday, they were video taping the entire event, I’m assuming for an DVD Extra. Now we have the video from that event. You can take a gander and see me with my bad hair weave pepper the cast with questions while trying to hide from the Camera.  The clips include most of the Q and A including Anthony Anderson and Jeremy Sisko singing Rolling with the Homeys, my brain fart moment where I tried to ask a question and totally forgot, and there’s this hysterical moment where they struck a couple poses in the hallway.

Check out the Law & Order set with your two favorite detectives! Take a sneak peek with Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson as they give a
fun guided tour around the set of Law & Order!

Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza, and Anthony Anderson think about being on the 20th season, past actors, guest stars, fans, and Benjamin Bratt.

Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza, and Anthony Anderson talk about working together, improvisation, being role models, and character development in the 20th season