Eclipse Magazine presents the GeekScholars Movie News Podcast #065

Hit play above to listen to this week’s hilarious podcast, including new installments of ‘Where Are They Now?’ and ‘What Are the Odds?!’. For more details on what we cover in this week’s show, hit the jump! 

A very, very full GeekScholars Movie News podcast for you on this week of Thanksgiving! The GeekScholars begin by discussing the most recent headlines, including some interesting information about about Aaron Sorkin’s biopic of Steve Jobs, adaptations of both Splinter Cell, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and a director announcement for the MacGyver movie!

After that, the GeekScholars play ‘What Are the Odds?!’, where they tackle some recent movie news rumors, and assess the probability of: Darth Vader’s return in Star Wars: Episode VII, the reveal of the Star Trek Into Darkness villain, the director for Mission: Impossible 5, and The Dark Knight Rises’ chances of winning an Academy Award.

Next, the crew hunts down some famous actors and actresses who have seemingly disappeared from cinema as of late, as they play ‘Where Are They Now?’, checking in on what Rick Moranis, Steven Seagal, and Jessica Alba have been up to.

To top things off, listen in as the GeekScholars review and grade the newly released trailers for Admissions with Tina Fey, Now You See Me with Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrleson, and The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

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