Dirk Gently Gets Magical In Season Two!

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – (L-R) AmandaBrotzman (Hannah Marks), Vogel (Osric chau), Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), Mona Wilder (Alexia Fast) and Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood) – Banner courtesy of BBC America.

Season two of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency continues its pattern of everything being connected – to the point that one of those connections is the magical world of Wendimoor.

That’s right, Dirk, Todd and Farah are about to make connections that lead them to face off with an evil wizard – but only if Todd and Farah can rescue Dirk from Blackwing (now under new/incompetent management).

Season two of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency returns to BBC America on Saturday, October 14th (9/8C).



Welcome back to the world of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Every season is a dizzying, smart, dangerous, unexpected (for us, not the people involved) and fun adventure that explores a different genre. Season one was about time travel with body-swapping, and this season involves an injection of fantasy. The vast dangers lurking in the magical realm of Wendimoor navigate a path to Earth, becoming a threat and it’s up to Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and the gang to stop them in their tracks. But first things first – they need to find each other…

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, written by Max Landis (American UltraChronicle) and adapted from the wildly popular novels by Douglas Adams (“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”), returns for its second season Saturday, October 14 at 9/8c on BBC AMERICA.

The season begins with Dirk trapped in the government organization of Blackwing for the last two months, unfortunately re-immersed in the nightmares of his childhood, and separated from Todd (Elijah Wood) and Farah (Jade Eshete). Dirk seems to be utterly defeated in his current surroundings with no obvious way out. Meanwhile, Todd and Farah are free, but on the run from the authorities. They are desperately clinging to what remains of their resolve to be reunited with not only Dirk, but also Todd’s sister, Amanda (Hannah Marks).

Like Dirk, with the exception of Vogel (Osric Chau), the Rowdy 3 (Michael EklundViv Leacock, and Zak Santiago) have been captured by Blackwing; Vogel escaped with Amanda and they are determined to help their friends escape from Blackwing, if only they can find its top-secret location. Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk), Blackwing’s enforcer, is in hot pursuit of them, and their time is quickly running out.

Blackwing is back up and running, but under the confused direction of its new leader, Hugo Friedkin (Dustin Milligan). He is unable to make heads or tails of the existing Blackwing subjects and their “gifts”, and finding that their vague powers offer him only frustration. Over time, he receives reassurance and guidance from his interactions with Ken (Mpho Koaho), the newest addition to the Blackwing subjects.

Meanwhile, Bart (Fiona Dourif) is traveling solo, looking for Ken every chance she gets. She is now in a self-imposed rehabilitation from her innate violent ways, but it’s not yet clear what impact her defiance will have on the universe.

Elsewhere, a woman named Suzie Boreton (Amanda Walsh) has a very bad day.

Everything and everyone continues to be connected… from the sterile chambers of Blackwing, to the sleepy town of Bergsberg and the magical land of Wendimoor. After a few misfires, Dirk Gently steadily finds his footing on the new case to “find The Boy”, and with the help of his friends, makes the necessary connections to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a co-production of AMC Studios, IDEATE MEDIA and IDW Entertainment, with Circle of Confusion producing for BBC AMERICA.Max Landis created and executive produces the series with Robert Cooper serving as executive producer and showrunner. Arvind Ethan David and Zainir Aminullah are executive producing for IDEATE MEDIA, Ted Adams and David Ozer for IDW and David Alpert and Rick Jacobs for Circle of Confusion. The ten-part season two premieres on BBC AMERICA in the U.S. and will stream globally on Netflix in countries outside the U.S. Season one is available to binge on Hulu.



Todd and Farah are on the run from the law, heading to small town Bergsberg, Montana in search of Dirk. Mysteriously, Bart’s search for Ken takes her to the same small town, where odd, unexplainable events are starting to take place.


Dirk, Todd, and Farah are happily reunited and begin to investigate what Dirk believes is the case. They follow strange clues and discover the body in the car that fell out of the tree connects to one of Sheriff Hobbs’ cold cases, which concerns a missing couple and their missing son.


DIRK GENTLY (Samuel Barnett)

Funny, eloquent, rude and a tiny bit presumptuous; Dirk Gently has strange psychic abilities that enable him to sense tangential connections. He’s turned these abilities into his new profession: that of a “holistic detective,” a term that reflects his belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. More than anything, Dirk has spent his whole life searching to be understood and by the end of season one, Dirk found himself for the first time surrounded by people he could call friends. This season, Dirk must face his past with Blackwing, the government program that dominated his childhood, all while working to solve his new case to “find the boy.”


In season one, Todd Brotzman was a man running on fumes, long ago having been trapped in a life he hated by a series of selfish decisions of his own making. However, after meeting Dirk Gently, their adventures showed him glimpses of a world more bizarre, complex, and fascinating than he ever could’ve imagined, leading him to own up to his past mistakes and work towards redemption. When we reunite with Todd, he’s on the run, wracked with pararibulitis attacks and desperate to find his sister, Amanda. He’s drawn into another one of Dirk’s cases, but this time Todd is swayed to his thinking… they must follow the clues, and if the universe leads them to Amanda, the universe will lead them to Amanda.

FARAH BLACK (Jade Eshete)

When we last saw Farah, she had found some validation from the rescue of Lydia Spring and generously funded what seemed like the new centerpiece of her life, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (the one agency that might accept her). But all that went up in smoke when Todd got struck down by his first bout of pararibulitis and Dirk vanished. Three months later, Farah is on the run with Todd, both wanted criminals, and yet she is still trying to prove herself to be the person her family expected her to be. She launches herself into the new investigation, working side by side with Dirk, Todd and the local law enforcement in Bergsberg lead by Sheriff Hobbs.


Amanda is finally free. Free from her torturous days as a shut-in, free from the fear of her pararibulitis attacks, and free from her felonious-deadbeat-liar of a brother, Todd. She’s on the run with her new chosen family, which currently consists only of Vogel. The Rowdy 3 (technically now up to five), three of which are in the clutches of Blackwing, and she’s scouring the country trying to get them back. Throughout the course of the season, Amanda discovers her visions offer more than just pararibulitis attacks.

KEN (Mpho Koaho)

Ken starts season two imprisoned in Blackwing. He’s been mistaken for a powerful Blackwing subject because he survived for so long alongside homicidal Bart. Ken is a smart and measured computer hacker; and is extremely skilled in turning bad situations on their heads to work to his advantage.

BART (Fiona Dourif)

Bart is a terrifying, homicidal, deranged, fearless, and nearly invincible self-identified holistic assassin. Like Dirk, she is a causality psychic. Bart doesn’t determine who she kills or when and how she kills them. It’s all instinctual. Drawn towards people who kill or endanger others, she feels a second nature urge to eliminate them, which she can do with very little effort. This season, she is experimenting with human emotion – making her less ready to kill people. She’s on the road again, looking for Ken after evading capture by Blackwing, asking everyone she encounters if they know Ken. Literally everybody.

FRIEDKIN (Dustin Milligan)

The ambitious yet easily perplexed Hugo Friedkin is now fully in charge of the reconstituted Blackwing, and even he’s more baffled in his new role. Struggling to bring order back to Blackwing, he finds himself at the losing end of this battle as his captured subjects continue to literally vanish into thin air. Increasingly stymied, Friedkin turns to Ken to vent his frustrations. 

THE MAGE (John Hannah)

The Mage is an evil wizard from the Land of Wendimoor, intent on taking over the land. He is handsome and articulate, with something strange about him. He is extremely charming for someone who tortures people for fun.

SUZIE BORETON (Amanda Walsh)

Suzie is trudging through life with a preoccupied husband who is more in love with his dog than his wife, a delinquent teenage son and a lackluster office job with an unappreciative boss. Things take an unexpected turn when her very existence is threatened, and through this experience, Suzie becomes enamored with all the opportunities that come her way. For better or for worse, Suzie’s new-found determination makes her a force to be reckoned with.

ROWDY 3 (Michael Eklund “Martin”, Osric Chau “Vogel”, Viv Leacock “Gripps”, Zak Santiago “Cross”)

At the start of season 2, things are looking dire for the Rowdy 3 — the energy vampires have been forcibly separated… Martin, Gripps and Cross are being held captive at Blackwing and tortured by the powers that be, while Vogel is on the run with Amanda. All are hoping to be reunited with their entire crew. Amanda unknowingly holds the key to their return, and it takes them all by surprise.


Sherlock Hobbs is an under-stimulated, but overly enthusiastic small town sheriff. Despite the strange circumstances, he encounters with increasing frequency following the arrival of Dirk and his crew, Sheriff Hobbs, with his easy-going nature, is eager to help them solve their new mystery.


Tina Tevetino is Bergsberg’s Deputy to Sheriff Hobbs. She’s super chill about life and the law, and very little causes her worry. She was once the life of the party, but now Deputy Tina is comfortably settled into her regular, yet humdrum routine at the County Sheriff’s office. The arrival of Dirk and his crew in Bergsberg add a bit of much-needed excitement to everyday life, and she’s eager to be a part of it.

MR. PRIEST (Alan Tudyk)

Mr. Priest is a bizarre person with a twist of maniacal derangement. He’s also a ruthless, dangerous and violent bounty hunter working for Blackwing who gets a real thrill from the chase. He is an overwhelming presence, but unlike other ruthless characters, he has a real sense of fun and adventure.

MONA WILDER (Alexia Fast)

Among the captured projects at Blackwing, Mona Wilder is easily manipulated, but when push comes to shove she wants to do what is right; and when feeling threatened, Mona is quick to defend. She looks to Dirk as her friend, seeking him out to confide in him and share her message.


The wise and protective force in the land of Wendimoor, Wakti Wapnasi is a magical forest witch and a resourceful connection between the worlds.

WYGAR OAK (Aleks Paunovic)

A keenly observant man with great physical stature and of very few words, Wygar Oak is the loyal guard to the Dengdamor family. A frequent companion for Silas, Wygar is naturally over protective of Silas, but make no mistake, his dedication and service remains first and foremost with Silas and Farson’s mother, Frija.


Wendimoor’s aristocratic family consists of matriarch, Frija (Karin Konoval) and her two sons Silas (Lee Majdoub) and Farson (Ajay Friese). A growing bitter feud with the Trosts is wreaking havoc on the two families – Farson decides to run away from the troubling situation adding fuel to the fire, while his older brother Silas stays behind suffering in silence with a lovesick and conflicted heart… both of which only further aggravates their mother’s fury.


Unbeknownst to them, such as the Dengdamors, the salt-of-the-earth Trost family is a pawn in an evil plan that has pitted the families against each other. Patriarch Jeppum Trost (David Allen Pearson) is ready to escalate matters to catastrophic levels when he believes his beloved son Panto (Christopher Russell) has been taken away from him. Meanwhile, his daughter Litzibitz (Anja Savcic) hopes for a safer resolution.

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