Call of Duty Infinite – Zombies! IN SPACE!


I never thought I’d utter the words “Zombies In Space,” but the folks at Activision have managed to bring us Zombies In Space in this fall’s upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite War trailer.  I know people love to crap on the COD series but it is still my favorite shooter of all time and other than last year’s installment one of the few franchises (maybe the only one – after Batman Arkham) that I actually beat every campaign.

I really wish they’d bring back my Nazi’s, I hate the modern warfare villains. But hey, we have Zombies in Space! Check out the trailer. They get bonus points for using a little Frankie Goes To Hollywood!

At Call of Duty XP, the biggest Call of Duty fan event in history, fans will be able to play Zombies in Spaceland and engage in a special zombies laser tag experience. Call of Duty XP is just two and a half weeks away, taking place September 2-4 in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale here: