Archer, FX Network’s Latest Show is bit too Clever by Half, Michelle’s Review

Did you ever watch James Bond and think, wow, that’s one cool dude? Would you still think that if you found out that Bond’s ex-girlfriend is dating a dreeby Accountant, you have to put up with office politics like every other person and that your mother is actually M and runs the place? These are the things that super spy Archer has to put up with in FX Networks new animated comedy series “Archer.” The animation style of Archer looks a bit like Flash mixed with some cell shading it looks a bit amateurish but serviceable, it’s not going to make you go wow or want to buy any action figures.  Where Archer excels is it’s snappy, snarky, rapid-fire dialogue.

When you watch individual episodes it’s fun, but gets tiring the third or fourth episode in. The voice cast is of Jon Benjamin as Archer, Jessica Walter as his mother and boss, “Malory” and Aisha Tyler as his girlfriend are all excellent. I like watching animated shows that don’t use recognizable voices it gives me a chance to really get to know the characters without being distracted. These voices mix together well.

I liked the Pilot a lot but after watching 5 episodes in a row it started to feel like the show was trying too hard to be funny and the jokes and wit stopped being natural.   For example the 2nd episode focused a lot on the office politics and there was this running gag were Malory was high on pills while a couple of assistants took advantage of her. It was cute for a few minutes but this sequence dragged on and on. Then there were moments where I felt like the show was “winking” and “nodding” at me and marveling at it’s own “cleverness.” Most people won’t watch the show in one 2 hour sitting so this shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Archer will be a fun series to watch on an occasional or even weekly basis, based on the 5 episodes that I watched I have a hard time seeing where this is all going as Archer really doesn’t do much actual “Spy” stuff and yeah that’s refreshing but I’m not convinced this show can survive just on being weird and strange alone.  I’m down for watching more episodes this season.

Archer premieres on the FX Network Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 10pm.

Final Grade – B-

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by Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted 01.14.2010

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  1. Saw this advertised and thought it looked really weird. Now I may have to watch an episode. Thanks Michelle

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