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In Step with Mayans M.C.’s Justina Adorno

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Let’s give a warm welcome to actress, vegan and owner of Castby & Penni, Justina Adorno
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Matthew Rhys Talks Season 3 of FX Hit Show The Americans


Espionage and Soviet agents in a Reagan-era Washington, D.C. is the backdrop of the FX hit show The American’s. Star Matthew Rhys (Philip Jennings) took some time to chat about what might transpire in Season 3 between Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth’s (Keri Russell) complicated relationship as a married couple who happen to be KGB agents living in Washington, D.C.

Will they follow orders revealing their true identities to their teenage daughter Paige (Holly Taylor) in order to one day mold her into an agent? How does guest star Frank Langella factor into the Jennings future? You’ll have to watch to find out! Season 3 of The American’s premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on FX.

Full interview after the jump!

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Sons of Anarchy Fuels a Motorcycle Craze


Approaching its final season, FX’s hit television series “Sons of Anarchy” has sparked a motorcycle craze among its loyal viewership. “Sons of Anarchy” has been a huge hit for FX; according to Deadline, the show’s sixth season received an average viewership of 7.3 million every episode, and ratings are expected to climb even higher in the seventh and final season. Fans of the show are dedicated, and many have fallen in love with the show’s bikes as much as the characters. Here is a look at some of the amazing bikes that have fans drooling.

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Tune In Alert! Totally Biased with Kamal Bell Debuts tonight on FX Network!



Don’t forget to tune into the FX tonight for the premiere of the new Comedy talk show Totally Biased with Kamal Bell.  The show is produced by Chris Rock and is aiming to be FX’s version of The Daily Show. As a Liberal, I’m always up for some good liberal jabs at the Republicans. Show airs weeknights at 11pm. I’m not sure why they debut a show like this on a Thursday, but who am I to question network logic.

FX Network Justified’s Joelle Carter and Michelle have a Chat!

I recently had a fun conversation with Joelle Carter who plays the role of Ava Crowder in  FX Network’s new show “Justified” which, as of today’s posting has been granted a season two. It’s the highest rated drama on FX Network. Carter is an accomplished actress that has been acting in film, television and theatre for the past decade.  Carter can be seen in such feature cult favorites as “High Fidelity” and “American Pie 2”, and indies “Swimming” and “Lisa Picard is Famous”.  In addition, Carter has starred in numerous television projects, including the controversial series “Wonderland” created by Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights”).  It was funny because she surprised me by calling me directly, usually people call first and say “so and so is on the line.” Here are some fun things that I learned during our conversation.  Justified airs on FX Network and was just renewed for a 2nd Season – Check your local listings.

  • People love them some Ava. You just don’t know 100% what she’s about and what she’s going to do next. She seems so soft and then she does something completely different. She doesn’t know ultimately where the character is going so she plays her as she is currently without much idea what the full back story is. She didn’t have to do much research for the part because she’s from the south herself and knew a lot of people like Ava growing up. So she’s playing the character “off the seat of her pants.”

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Glenn Close takes on Bernie Madoff in Damages Season 3

After a slow start, I found myself falling in love with Season One of FX’s Legal drama Damages, it fell off the rails in Season Two, what will Season Three be like? Generally speaking, I hate most Legal Dramas, but Damages was different, it wasn’t so much about the individual cases it was about what lengths chief Legal Eagle Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) will go and who she will step on to win a case. The irony is she wins her cases without ever going to court. Do they even have a courtroom set on this show? The show’s use of flashbacks worked well and was appropriate for Season One because we didn’t know who any of these people were, so telling us how they got to that point seemed appropriate. In Season Two the flashbacks were unnecessary. In Season Three they are now doing “Flash Forwards,” now it feels forced and gimmicky.

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Archer, FX Network’s Latest Show is bit too Clever by Half, Michelle’s Review

Did you ever watch James Bond and think, wow, that’s one cool dude? Would you still think that if you found out that Bond’s ex-girlfriend is dating a dreeby Accountant, you have to put up with office politics like every other person and that your mother is actually M and runs the place? These are the things that super spy Archer has to put up with in FX Networks new animated comedy series “Archer.” The animation style of Archer looks a bit like Flash mixed with some cell shading it looks a bit amateurish but serviceable, it’s not going to make you go wow or want to buy any action figures.  Where Archer excels is it’s snappy, snarky, rapid-fire dialogue.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Michelle says Damages Season Two is well, um… Damaged!

Television Review - Season Two of Damages is Damaged

Ok, this is a bit awkward; the fine folks at FX Networks recently discovered our little corner of the web and sent me an email saying they would love it if we started covering their stuff. I was like, hecks yeah (I’m trying to cut back on my profanity). I loved Damages last year, everyone raves about The Shield, Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me, three shows I’ve never got around to watching. So it’s ironic that the first screener they send me is for Damages, Season Two.  I watched the first three episodes earlier this year and simply forgot about the show.  FX sent me the most recent 4 eps, so I had a little Damages S2 Marathon yesterday and I’m just not feeling this season.  It’s trying too hard to be “complex,” instead it’s just boring, emotionless and just a bit convoluted.

I watched all of Season One in one all day marathon. It started off slow but by the 4th episode I was hooked. It’s flashback/flash forward method of story telling finally sunk in and I was able to just go with it. The reason the first season worked so well is because it focused on characters we could care about – especially the wide-eyed young law school graduate Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) as she slowly gets sucked in and corrupted by big time, smooth talking, ballsy lawyer Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and her weasel associate Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan).   The season started off several months ahead when she’s accused of murder and flashes back to how she got into that situation.  I found her “decent” to be a little fast, but she was caught in the middle of a Tigress and her battle with billionaire Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson).  When Pattie sinks her teeth in you, the only thing you can do as Frobisher says is “bend over and take it.”  It was fun to watch because this became a personal battle and Danson and Close, showed a lot of fire and vigor in their confrontations. I cared about the case and all the people involved.

Season Two follows the same flashback/flash forward structure as S1, only this time the story and the case doesn’t support this. The issue with S2 is the case isn’t interesting none of the new characters are worth following. There’s no personal connection to anyone.  The show spends the first two episodes with Patty puttering around the office aimless trying to decide what to do next, after her landmark victory over Frobisher.  When a mystery man from her past Daniel Purcell (William Hurt) is accused of murdering his wife Patty decides to take his case.  The case then leads to a confrontation with a ruthless West Virginia (they keep making the point that he’s from West Va) billionaire Walter Kendrick (John Doman) who is somehow destroying the environment during some merger.   The plot is even further muddled because Ellen is rightfully angry over the events from S1 and is now working undercover with the FBI to get Patty.

This year’s story just isn’t interesting and there are too many “supposed” twists, intrigues, double crosses and characters they didn’t properly establish who are taking a major role.  There’s some weird black guy who apparently may have been a politician at one point and is now some sort of power broker pulling all the strings. There’s some weird thing going on with a car and gps for “drops” or whatever to a “rogue’ energy trader who is a cocaine addict and his prostitute girlfriend who is going to school and in a custody fight with her kids. The FBI is double crossing each other. Ellen’s new boytoy Wes Krulik (Timothy Olyphant) isn’t who he says he is, Patty’s husband is cheating on her and getting ready to double cross her. It’s just too much and there’s no one you can care about anymore.  Of course the people doing the crimes for these rich folks are dirty cops, who are now trying to cover their tracks. Did I mention how much I’ve never liked William Hurt or Olyphant as actors?  This season so far is a mess I’m going to continue watching to see where it all ends but so far it’s been a very disappointing and amazing drop in quality for a show that had such a stellar freshman year.  Damages airs on the FX Network, Wednesday nights at 10pm.  You can catch full episodes on the web at FXNetwork.com.

Final Grade D

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
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