Actors Who Love to be in Gambling Movies

Gambling gives the ultimate pleasure, thrill, excitement one carves in life. A casino movie portrays the dream of getting rich and leading a life of abundance, luxury, and fulfillment. This dream turns to reality for a few precious ones. Gambling and casino have been the theme of many mainstream Hollywood movies and will prolong in the future also.

The drama, tension, thrill that naturally crop up in a gaming situation convert well on the silver screen, and the filmmaker takes advantage of this exhilarating plot. Many Hollywood stars have acted in casino movies and have earned name, fame, money from these movies. Here are a few names of Actors who often stars in poker movies at least once.

Robert De Niro

One of the all-time favorites, he appeared in two chartbuster casino movies; Las Vegas (2013), Casino (1995). The casino is a work of art evolving around human ravenousness, deception, money, clout, and murder. The tale encircles around two best pals one is a casino operator played by Robert De Niro, and the other is a mafia gangster played by Joe Pesci. This exuberant movie of violence and tragedy was directed by Martin Scorsese. Las Vegas movie is about four childhood friends; Sam, Billy, Paddy, and Archie, who come to this Sin city to celebrate Billy`s bachelor party.

Brad Pitt

One of the mega stats of Hollywood, he appears in three prime casino movies of the century. Ocean`s Eleven (2001), Ocean`s Twelve and Thirteen (2004), Killing Them Softly (2013).In the Ocean trilogy, Danny ocean amasses a group of eleven people to steal money from the famous casinos owned by his adversary in Las Vegas. Brad Pitt plays the right-hand man of Danny, who plans the robbery. Killing Them Softly is a crime thriller where the actor plays the role of an enforcer hired to restore order.

Julia Roberts

The remarkably brilliant actor, also known as “America’s Sweetheart” and highest paid of her time appeared in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean`s Twelve. She plays the role of Danny Ocean`s previous wife, Tess Ocean. By profession is a curator of Bellagio Art Gallery and unintentionally plays a part in the robbery in Ocean`s Eleven. She plays the role of 12th member of the team in Ocean`s Twelve and comes together with Danny, understanding that he still loves her dearly. This American actress was born on 28th October 1967.

Cameron Diaz

The tall, sapphire eyed, the stunningly beautiful blonde actress appeared in three casino movies, namely, Very Bad Things (1998), Lucky you (2007), What Happens in Vegas (2008).In Very Bad Things, she plays the role of the fiancée of Kyle Fisher. Four friends come to Las Vegas to celebrate the bachelor party and accidentally kills a stripper. Christian Slater, named as Boyd in the movie, kills a security guard who is the only witness of the unintentional murder. In Lucky You, she plays the role of an aspiring singer named Billie Offer, who gets involved in a relationship with a poker player named Huck Cheever( Eric Bana). Huck competes with his legendary poker player father to win a world championship. This is a story of love and ambition.