2000 AD – Bringing the Dredd to Comic-Con 2015!


Judge Dredd (pictured above with fellow 2000 AD stalwart, Strontium Dog) co-creator Carlos Ezquerra is one of Comic-Con 2015’s Guests of Honor and 2000 AD will be hosting  a Spotlight On Carlos Ezquerra panel to discuss his work over a long and illustrious career. Ezquerra will also be signing at the 2000 AD booth.

Also in attendance will be Andy Diggle and Jock.

For details on 2000 AD’s panels and a peek at the Comic-Con 2015 exclusives, follow the jump.

2000 AD will be at Booth #2806, just like every year, with the latest graphic novels from some of the biggest names in the industry, plus great freebies for lovers of comics everywhere!

Judge Dredd co-creator and Comic Con Guest of Honour, Carlos Ezquerra, will be signing at the 2000 AD booth from 11am to 1pm on each day, as well as DREDD and Ex Machina concept artist (plus of course the artist on The Losers, Batman, and Wytches) Jock signing from 1pm to 2pm on Thursday.

Speaking of Jock’s limited edition portfolio book of his Ex Machina concept art, Ava Evolved – we have a very special SDCC exclusive: a bookplate edition signed by the man himself and featuring some of the breathtaking and fascinating design work that provided the foundation for Alex Garland’s chilling SF indie hit movie.

Comic-Con 2015

Our other exclusives are dominated by Carlos – T-shirts, caps, and signed posters featuring a brand new Judge Dredd image he’s drawn specifically for the show. There are also brand new T-shirts featuring Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith.

2000 A.D. has our very own panel at 2pm on Thursday (Room 29AB), featuring – amongst others – Carlos Ezquerra and Andy Diggle, and then there’s a very special Spotlight On Carlos Ezquerra panel on Saturday at 10am,  where we’re going to discuss Carlos’ work and legacy.