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The Orville: Earnest and Optimistic But Not That Good!

THE ORVILLE: L-R: Penny Johnson Jerald, Mark Jackson, Seth MacFarlane, Peter Macon, Scott Grimes, Adrianne Palicki, J. Lee and Halston Sage – Photo by Noah Schutz/Courtesy of FOX.

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Rather it’s like a tenth generation VHS copy. Squint and you can see TNG characters in the faces of The Orville’s crew, and the plots are reflections of the second Trek series – reflections being the operative word.

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What Would You Sell Your Soul for? WGN America’s Salem Concludes Wednesday!

SALEM – Photo courtesy of WGN America

For three seasons, WGN America’s Salem (Wednesdays, 9/8C) has been one of the best supernatural series on television. Events are coming to a head this week.

Will the devil get his due?

Some will live, many will die in the series finale of Salem.

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First Look: Salem Season 3!


With Lucifer in the world – and the witches learning that he is not bringing them a world of peace and beauty, things are really going to Hell in Salem Season 3.

WGN America has released a first look video in which the cast talks about what lies in store for the town and the show’s fans – which you can find on the other side of the divide.

Salem returns Wednesday, November 2nd (9/8C).

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The Devil Lied – Imagine That Trailer: Salem: Season Three!

SAL_302_2-03-16_ 261.cr2
Salem Season 3 – Janet Montgomery, Oliver Bell

The witches have discovered that Satan lied when he promised that Salem would be the starting point for a new world of peace and prosperity. Huh.

Now everything is going to Hell, literally, in Salem. Check out the new trailer and some atmospheric stills for season three of WGN America’s supernatural hit, Salem following the break.

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Devilish Teaser: Salem: Season Three!


WGN America has released a trailer and a premiere date for the third season of its hit supernatural series Salem – guest-starring Marilyn Manson!

That’s right – the witch is back!

The plan/promise was to bring the devil to earth and usher in a brave new world with Salem as its capitol. However, they don’t call Lucifer the Prince of Lies without reason!

Follow the jump for details – including the intense teaser.

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After leaving us with a truly evil cliffhanger in the previous episode, the second season finale of Salem (WGN America, Sundays, 10/9C) finds justice being meted out – just not by the personage we might have expected it from.

The Witching Hour is a fast-paced, truly gloriously demented work of entertainment.

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Salem: Darkness Reigns at Midnight!


After this week there remains but one episode of Salem’s (WGN America, Sundays, 10/9C) second season, so it’s only right that everything should lead up to best cliffhanger moment of the season to date (yes, better even than when the Devil himself spoke to Cotton Mather and John Alden  through young John).

Thanks to the Countess Marburg, Mary Sibley’s plans have gone awry and her command of Salem has become a desperate bid to save her son’s life. Now we see how the endgame shapes up. It ain’t pretty…

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Interview: Co-creators Adam Simon and Brannon Braga chat about WGN’s Salem

Adam Simon Brannon Braga Wondercon 6-12-15

It’s season 2, and things are heating up in the witch wars at “Salem“.  As the body count continues to rise, the number of people (or witches) to trust, plummets.  Critical decisions must be made, personal battles must be overcome, and the fate of John Alden’s (Shane West) and Mary Sibley’s (Janet Montgomery) son will be decided as Countess Marburg (Lucy Lawless) ensues in trying to bring Mary down and secure her place of power in Salem.  Co-creators Adam Simon and Brannon Braga talk with reporters about season 2 of Salem.

Salem promo poster 6-12-15

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Salem: Exorcism For Dummies!


Salem (WGN America, Sundays, 10/9C) has, over the course of its two seasons, been about many things – political expedience, the price of love (and hate), and even the nature of good and evil. Mostly, though, it’s about the love of parents for their child – and the way that might interfere from the conquest of the New World.

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Salem Casts A Potent Spell As It Nears The End of Season Two!


Arousal is the beginning of all magic, we are reminded as WGN America’s Salem (Sundays, 10/9C) builds towards a big finish to its second season.

Mary Sibley and Countess Marburg continue to feign allegiance, each to the other – as they scheme to achieve dominance over each other – and new allegiances are born in this week’s episode, Dead Birds.

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