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The Devil Lied – Imagine That Trailer: Salem: Season Three!

SAL_302_2-03-16_ 261.cr2
Salem Season 3 – Janet Montgomery, Oliver Bell

The witches have discovered that Satan lied when he promised that Salem would be the starting point for a new world of peace and prosperity. Huh.

Now everything is going to Hell, literally, in Salem. Check out the new trailer and some atmospheric stills for season three of WGN America’s supernatural hit, Salem following the break.

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Salem: Darkness Reigns at Midnight!


After this week there remains but one episode of Salem’s (WGN America, Sundays, 10/9C) second season, so it’s only right that everything should lead up to best cliffhanger moment of the season to date (yes, better even than when the Devil himself spoke to Cotton Mather and John Alden  through young John).

Thanks to the Countess Marburg, Mary Sibley’s plans have gone awry and her command of Salem has become a desperate bid to save her son’s life. Now we see how the endgame shapes up. It ain’t pretty…

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Salem: Exorcism For Dummies!


Salem (WGN America, Sundays, 10/9C) has, over the course of its two seasons, been about many things – political expedience, the price of love (and hate), and even the nature of good and evil. Mostly, though, it’s about the love of parents for their child – and the way that might interfere from the conquest of the New World.

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