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Daydream Productions, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Michelle Alexandria. Our first project was the launch of EclipseMagazine.com a large scale entertainment website that covers this business called Show. The site produces over 800 original stories a year that cover Movies, DVDs, Videogames and more. In winter 2001, Eclipse launched its first cable program, EclipseMagazine.com – The TV Show (EMTV) which aired weekly in several major markets including DC, NY, Chicago, and others. We have offices in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA, New York, Canada, London, and Japan. EclipseMagazine.com gets over 1.7 million hits a month.


Go against the grain with creative, surprising coverage that provides our viewers with alternative, yet equally stimulating perspectives about the entertainment world. For instance, if Julia Roberts debuts in a new film, Eclipse is equally if not more so interested in interviewing the film’s screenwriter, or Ms. Roberts’ co-star. Landing an interview with Julia wouldn’t be the priority. After all, the major entertainment publications and programs focus never fail to focus on celebrities such as Ms. Roberts. What is truly exciting are the artists and celebrities that have just begun to demonstrate their potential.

The Oscar Race starts at EclipseMagazine.com, over the past 4 years we have interviewed and discovered over 75 percent of all the Oscar Nominees, everyone from Amy Adams to Terrance Howard to the producers of Penguins.

Over the years, Eclipse has established itself as a respectable website that has an a strong presence within the film industry, as well as solid working relationships with almost every major film and home video studio. While our coverage within the film industry is fairly robust we are now branching into other areas including, but not limited to Video Games, Consumer/Entertainment Technology, and Music.

III. EclipseMagazine.com Goes to Cable

Winter 2001 marked the genesis of EclipseMagazine.com – The TV Show (EMTV), the cable broadcast extension of our long standing website. EMTV features fresh, young, hosts covering the world of show business, features live musical performances from up and coming bands, reviews of the biggest films and DVD releases of the week, behind the scenes reports on upcoming films, celebrity interviews, and weekly previews of the latest Video Games.

Since its creation, the show has become an underground favorite by virtue of its honesty, irreverence, and cutting edge material. Presently, EMTV can be seen in more than three million homes in five major markets, and Eclipse is currently in negotiations to further expand the demographic segments that it reaches.

With respect to development, Eclipse’s latest project is DaydreamTV, an online Social Video Network and broadband channel. Daydream TV will the freshest, hippest new video bloggers on the net. We also have announcements coming about expansion into the IPTV market as well.


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