X FEST: Speculative Fiction Short Film Festival – A Truly Unique Event!


Take a number of filmmakers and give them a theme and a random genre prompt; give them two months to write, shoot and edit a short film, and then take the resulting completely different short films and build an overarching story that incorporates them – then add Birdman’s Damian Young to the mix.

That’s the feat accomplished by members of the Video Mass collective – and the component parts of the 90-minute X FEST: A Speculative Fiction Short Film Festival.

X FEST: A Speculative Fiction Short Film Festival premieres at Williamsburg Cinemas and online on May 11th. Follow the jump for details.



X FEST featuring Birdman‘s Damian Young Premieres at
Williamsburg Cinemas and Online May 11, 2016

New York, NY (April 15, 2016) – Time travel.  Extra body parts.  Shifting reality.  Outer space.  All of these elements combine to form X Fest, a speculative fiction film festival from the hyper-collaborative filmmaking collective Video Mass. Short sci-fi films from different filmmakers are fit into an overarching frame story starring Damian Young (Birdman, The Comeback, House of Cards).  The result is a unified and wildly entertaining cinematic event happening May 11, 2016 at Williamsburg Cinemas at 8 p.m.

As the first invite-only, curated filmmaking festival from Video Mass, X Fest promises to be the collective’s best show yet.  After choosing a theme and wildcard prompt related to sci-fi or speculative fiction, participants had two months to write, shoot and edit their final short films. The premiere at Williamsburg Cinemas will be a celebration for filmmakers and riotous good time for attendees.  Tickets will be available at www.williamsburgcinemas.com and at the door.

Following the premiere, X Fest will be available free for a limited time online at www.videomass.tv.

Video Mass hosts several themed festivals each year, giving short films a unique, cohesive delivery platform for an immersive and multi-dimensional theatrical viewing experience. More information about Video Mass membership and upcoming projects is available at www.videomass.tv.

About the Video Mass Collective – Video Mass is a hyper-collaborative film collective committed to challenging its members, bending genres and creating films of the highest caliber while embracing tight deadlines and small budgets. Over the past three years, Video Mass members have produced and screened over 50 unique short films to sold out audiences. By running filmMAKING festivals, Video Mass supports the creation of brand new work around specific themes or genres, resulting in fantastic programs that are more cohesive than any other film festival.  Through these fests, Video Mass supports filmmakers instead of pitting them against each other. Video Mass builds a community of creators that are free to learn, share, encourage and challenge each other.

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X FEST: Speculative Fiction Short Film Festival
Theatrical premiere, Online release: May 11, 2016
Running time: 90 minutes
Sci-fi shorts
Not rated