What ARE Those Big Bad Leviathans Wearing on Supernatural These Days!


Since the hit CW Network action series, Supernatural has entered it’s seventh season, The Leviathans have given Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester a bigger, even more dangerous enemy to battle than the brothers have faced before. These evil creatures from purgatory make Lucifer look like a choir boy in comparison!

In nerxt week’s new episode of Supernatural, titled ‘Slash Fiction’ (directed by John Showalter and written by Robbie Thompson), two of the Leviathans prove that just because you are a bloodthirsty monster out to destroy the human race doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate wearing the finest in hot looking male fashion. Which is why these two savvy dressers are wearing this season’s coveted ‘Winchester look’ and we aren’t just talking clothes here!

The two Leviathans clone the brothers Winchester; taking on their whole look from sexy head to toe.  Unfortunately for the real Sam and Dean, this is more than just a fashion statement for their Leviathan look a likes; it’s a all out fashion war that puts the ‘Winchester Look” on the FBI’s most wanted list because the Leviathans, dressed in this height of hot looking male fashion, have gone on a killing spree.  Now, everyone wants the originals because who could believe that ‘knock offs’ could look so perfect. Which means Sam and Dean Winchester have become the subject of a nationwide manhunt and need to drop off the grid and hide out untill they can figure out how to get rid of the Leviathan copycats who are using the ‘Winchester look” for their own nefarious purposes!

Check out the images provided by the CW Network to see more of the Leviathans wearing the hottest look in male fashions and tell us if you think they pull it off as well as the originals do. Oh and the always fashionable Crowley(Mark Sheppard) has his own agenda with the Leviathans, so check him out too.

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW copyright 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved


Leviathans wearing that sexy hot ‘Winchester look’ in a popular eatery. Note the perfect Dean Winchester smirk and Sam Winchester pensive gaze; both a vital part of this hot male fashion look.


These Leviathans makes a huge fashion faux pax when the chooses to accessorize their Sam ands Dean Winchester fashion knock offs with a semi automatic weapons.


The Leviathan wearing the ‘Dean Winchester’ knock off must think he’s really got the look cause he’s strutting his stuff on an eatery table like it’s a fashion show catwalk. Too bad he has to use a gun to keep his audience captive!


Last but not least, we have the original Crowley looking his dapper self.


For more on what those Leviathans are wearing and what happens to them when they take on the ‘Winchester look’ tune into the CW Network next Friday night, October 28th at 9PM EST to catch an all new episode of Supernatural season 7.

**Author’s note: Thanks to all the SPN fans who gently reminded me that Slash Fiction is NOT this week’s episode. Guess I just got excited about a Sam & Dean X2 episode that I got ahead of myself!

new episode of Supernatural.

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