We Were Soldiers – Thoughts?

Anyone catch We Were Soldiers? What are your thoughts?

Personally I thought it was just one war movie too many. If it was the only war film of the season I probably would have really liked it. But as it was, I was simply bored silly watching it. Technically it was supurb, while the acting was ok. I mean really the film had Chris Klein, Riley (from Buffy), and Greg Kinnear playing soldier boys! Sheesh.

It was almost parallel to Blackhawk Down in terms of the fact that it was wall to wall action with almost no break. There was no point or objective behind anything. The film didn’t attempt to explain anything, or what the objective of Vietnam was, etc. I understand the movie’s goal is to tell us what war is like, which is all well and good, but ultimately I just found the entire thing to be dull and surprisingly lifeless. And what was up with that stupid Irish music? Am I supposed to be watching Braveheart or an American War Movie?

I would give it an C.