40 Days and 40 Nights – Huh?

Anyone see this? Thoughts, comments…

There are so many reasons why I hated this movie. It’s lame and stupid premise. The obvious self love going on by all the male cast members – that they are so “hot” that they can just slap their fingers and get any woman that they want. The fact that all the women in this film were ditzy ho-bags .

The fact that supposedly they were in San Francisco and they couldn’t find a SINGLE minority background extra! The fact that the Josh Hartnett character was supposedly a web designer and he designed a webpage that was actually for an ADVERTISING copy!!!!!!! Sheesh the least they could do is actually show a real web page and not a PRINT AD COPY!!!!! The fact that there was absolutely no chemistry between the two leads.

Will someone please explain the Josh Hartnett phenomen? I don’t get it, he’s up there with Chris Klein in the borring, can’t act, let’s just show his dowy eyes syndrom.

I mean has Hollywood totally run out of new talent that they now need to have actors appear in 2 – 5 movies a year? I mean at the beginning of We Were Soldiers they actually showed film trailers, one for another Mell Gibson movie (Signs), and TWO Ben Affeck movies! This is the 2nd or 3rd Josh Hartnet movie in two months! The 2nd Chris Klein film in two months!

Have any of these actors heard of the concept of OVER GODDAMN EXPOSURE!!!!!!

Final Grade F