TV – Recap: Glee, Episode S1:10 Ballad


I haven’t done any Glee re-caps because I don’t know most of the songs they sing every week, but this show, just wow. Once again they hit it completely out of the park for another home run episode. This week’s episode centers around Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) baby’s momma drama and a really fun side story where Rachel (Lea Michele) gets a insane crush on the insanely perfect Will (Matthew Morrison).  All done to Ballads.  The opening duet of Endless Love between Will and Rachel was just hysterical, especially Will’s facial expressions when he recognizes that Rachel is a little too into the song.  Tonight was parents night because we finally got to see Finn’s mom and Quinn’s perfect family. 

Puck (Mark Salling) tells Mercedes (Amber Riley) the truth about the baby and she tells him under no uncertain terms that Finn is the father and the Glee Club would support them. There’s a great moment where Will tries to tell Rachel how he feels about her by singing some weird mashup of Don’t Stand So Close To Me. By the end of it I even fell in love with him. He’s just too darn perfect. One of Will’s former stalkers confront Rachel and make her see how insane she’s being. Finn’s mother finds out about the pregnancy and consoles her son and he gets the strength to tell Quinn’s parents the truth. They completely disown her and when things look dim, it’s the Glee Club to the rescue who reaffirms their support for the couple by singing Lean On Me (One of my top 3 favorite songs of all time).

Generally Glee feels like two completely different shows, the one with the Glee Club and those relationships and the Glee Baby Show – which I don’t like because there is no where they can go with this story other than have a miscarriage and it just feels completely off and separate from everything else. This is the first week where it fit in perfectly with the show and was used to pull everyone together. The only thing I missed this week was, the glaring lack of Sue (Jane Lynch) snark. Glee is my favorite show this year.


Episode Grade A

EM Recap BY
Michelle Alexandria
Original Airdate – 11.18.09