The 100 S4 Ep 1 Echos Preview

The 100 returns this week, February 1. I rage quit the show last season and highly doubt I’m going to watch S4. I’ve interviewed the cast so many times that I still feel connected to the show and want the cast to succeed. I purchased the S4 iTunes pass, so I may binge it at the end, but I can’t bring myself to recapping again especially after seeing that wretched S4 trailer. The best I can do is preview each episode.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that The CW refuses to give me access to their online screening room. Y’know, I only have access to 30 different Cable Network screening rooms including Viacom’s MTV and CBS screening rooms which is the same corporate site CW uses! I’ve only interviewed every cast on the CW at least 3 times, but hey, don’t give me access to your screening room.

I don’t have a synopsis for this week’s ep, but I know it picks up from where the awful finale left off. Everyone dealing with the aftermath of Alie’s attack and Clarke having to once again save the world – this time from the Nuclear Meltdown.