TELLEVISION: Syfy Beats USA to the Punch: Primetime Series Eureka and Warehouse 13 Characters Crossover This Season!


If you enjoy the kind of quirky summer fare that basic cable does so well, you may have seen USA’s promo spots that feature crossovers between characters from, say, Burn Notice and White Collar.

Syfy is going a step further thus summer – Eurkea’s brilliant but insecure scientist, Douglas Fargo [Neil Grayston], and Warehouse 13’s cocky computer wizard, Claudia Donovan [Allison Scagliotti] will visit each other’s home bases.

Beginning in the Warehouse episode 13.1, Fargo is brought in to update the Warehouse 13’s creaky old computer system – unfortunately resulting in the creation of a seemingly sentient computer virus [of couse! We are talking Warehouse of the Weird, here!] that locks down the Warehouse, trapping the team inside.

The crossover concludes in the Eureka episode, Crossing Over , Claudia visits Eureka in hopes of seeing some amazing new technological wonders. She gets more than she bargained for when seemingly random objects begin appearing around town.  Working with Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Fargo, Claudia has to help solve the mystery before the strange anomalies have deadly consequences…particularly for newcomer Dr. Grant (James Callis).

13.1 will air on Tuesday, August 3rd, at 9/8C; Crossing Over will air Friday, August 6th, at 9/8C.