Television: Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki Gives ‘The Situation’ Some Competition


Note to Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino -you can pull your shirt down now, because Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki may have just ended your days as the ‘King of Abs’.

In Last night’s brand new episode of Supernatural, S6.03 The Third Man, Jared Padalecki gave the viewers and fans of the hit CW action series a really impressive visual image of the new leaner, stronger Sam Winchester. Oh man, what a visual that was too and it isn’t even sweeps week yet!


Naturally, Jersey Shore viewers and fans are welcome to let us know if you think Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has nothing to worry about in regards to competition from Jared Padalecki and that ‘The Situation’ still has the best abs thing covered..or is that uncovered.

3 thoughts on “Television: Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki Gives ‘The Situation’ Some Competition”

  1. I think Jared Padalecki wins because not only is he rocking a fab sixpack, he’s got awesome pecs to go with it. Sorrentino’s pec are nonexistant.

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