TELEVISION: Eric Kripke Confirms Casting of Genevieve Cortese


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In a press announcement released from his office in Los Angeles, Eric Kripke made the following statement about the casting and the character.

“Genevieve Cortese is playing a small town waitress named Kristy who gets romantically involved with Sam (Jared Padalecki) sometime after Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) death.”

 Cortese, a twenty-seven year old striking brunette and Sun Valley Idaho native is best known for her starring role as troubled teen Kris Furillo on the ABC Family Channel series Wildfire.

Supernatural, which stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester: Two brothers fighting supernatural creatures and dealing with life on the road in their ’67 Chevy Impala is set to premiere the fourth season opening episode ‘Lazarus  Rising’ on September 18th at 9PM EST on the CW Network


5 thoughts on “TELEVISION: Eric Kripke Confirms Casting of Genevieve Cortese”

  1. This fool is not coming on this show, so fans don’t worry. Even if she did, Jared Padalecki or nobody else would look at her anyway. Ugly bitch.

  2. Good choice, EK.
    Major points out of the gate for not hiring another actress who looks like a pouty blonde teenager.
    Counting the days until the S4 premiere!

  3. It looks like “secretlover” may have been rejected too many times in life. Gen is a very gorgeous woman and is an up-and-coming star. You will definately be seeing more of her in the future.

  4. I suppose Kripke&Gamble can be now officially called Dumb&Dumber.
    Another bimbo/love interest/hot chick kicking ass/recurring awful character?
    Can this show be any more awful?
    Apparently yes.
    And can Kripke be any more stupid?
    Looks like it.

    And LOL at the comments above.
    Major points for not hiring a blonde teeny? This is just another barbie doll with darker hair. And fake lips.

    And unfortunately this fool will come to the show. You will see how the whole gang will promote this new b!tch at Comicon. How she’s great and fans gonna love her.
    And maybe that other new hot barbie, Pamela. I bet she’s great too, even better than Sam and Dean.

  5. I think thats just very rude to say. Kripke and Gamble take a great part of the show into consideration of their fans reactions. If we don’t like something they try to fix it. I mean what do you think happened to the Jo storyline and look what they did to Bela. Why are you even judging this actress in the first place? You don’t know how she is gonna work with the show. I admit last season I was iffy on the Bela and Ruby roles but I actually liked Ruby and disliked Bela and I made my accusations beforehand and realized the girl I thought I would like I hated and the one I thought I would hate I ended up liking. If you think the show is awful then you sure aren’t a fan of the show and you shouldn’t even bother to comment on this article because its not important or any thing of an interest to you. You calling the creator of the show stupid is just uncalled for. If you don’t like then don’t bother. It’s that simple. If he was stupid do you think the show would go on for as long as it has? It could have been pulled off during season one or season 2 but I’m guessing he being stupid just made the show last longer huh? I think you are just being completely rude about everything. Honestly its just pretty pathetic for a person who doesnt like this show to put it down and its creator who spend his hard time with the whole concept of the show. This actress playing the role should be given a chance and if many don’t end up liking her then something will be done but it isnt that big of a deal. There is a purpose of the show and that is just a sidemark to it. It’s not only going to be about that.

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