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Zenescope Entertainment Announces Plans for Emerald City Comic Con 2019!

For Emerald City Comic Con 2019, Zenescope will debuting four separate Emerald City Exclusive Comics with cover artwork by ultra-talented illustrators: Keith Garvey and Sabine Rich. Zenescope will also be launching its brand new “pin program,” in partnership with collectible pin company, FanSets – and will debut its Sela Mathers (Snow White) statue that was […]

Zenescope Entertainment Announced Digital First Comics Titles!

   Zenescope Entertainment, best known for its mature variations on Grimms’ Fairy Tales and unique take on super-powered characters (Fly), has announced plans to release five new comics titles in digital form first. The titles – Family Pets (all ages), Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide (Action/Horror), SciFi & Fantasy Illustrated (mature fantasy/horror), Guardians (comedy) and Suckers […]