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2015 J-Pop Summit Introduces Japanese Technology Via Interactive Pavilion!


Japan is known for its cutting edge technology and the 2015 J-Pop Summit is introducing its Interactive Pavilion to showcase some of the coolest new Japanese tech to North America.

The tech will be broken into three segments: Home, Work and Mobility – featuring the latest innovations from companies like Ricoh, Canon, Toshiba, and Jins. Plus, Kodansha Comics will be bringing the  Colossal Titan from its hit manga series Attack on titan.

2015 J-Pop Summit will take place August 8th and 9th at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco’s Marina district. Follow the jump for much more…

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FRESH Tech: Toshiba Announces new Ultra Portable Laptops


I don’t know, my sweet spot for laptop viewing are the 15 inchers. I find anything less than that kind of difficult to work with. So I’m not a fan of the so-called netbooks or ultra-portables. But I definitely understand the appeal, especially if you are a frequent traveler. I’ve gotten to the point now where I don’t want to take my Dell with me anywhere, it’s too clunky and heavy to carry around, so while I’m not a fan of small lappys, I can see myself getting addicted to carrying one, like Toshiba’s brand new 12.1 Portégé R500. This thing is tempting, but the $1,399 price gives me a little sticker shock.  This tiny little machine packs a lot of power, it ways 3.3 pounds, 1.18 inches thin, and has 6.9 hours of battery life! That alone, tempts me, I’m tired of laptops that only stay charged for an hour. At 6.9 hours, I can actually get some work done while I’m on the go – the whole point of laptops. If that’s not enough, they don’t skimp on features it includes a 250 Gig HD, 3 Gigs of Ram, Express Card Slot, 2 USB Ports, SD Slot, DVD Superdrive, Wi-Fi and an Intel Processor. But no bluetooth or firewire. So you get, battery life, portability, and standard laptop features for $1,399.  I’m tempted, don’t buy, remember the small 12 inch screen….

FRESH GEAR: Toshiba Announces a slew of New Laptops




I swear, it’s amazing how an Apple Keynote gets so much hype and every time, I come away completely under whelmed. I’m going to have a full on rant about how much I think tech journalist, especially bloggers lose whatever minimal credibility they have whenever Apple has one of these events. I mean the noise machine is so over the top that it’s a marvel to watch. And I always feel like I’m screaming against the wind. Did you know there are other laptop makers out there besides freaking Apple? And today, in the storm that is an Apple Keynote event, Toshiba unwisely announced their new crop of laptops. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear, does it make a sound? That’s what happens when other companies try and make an announcement during Keynote week. I’m not quite sure how these are materially different than the last models. As a general rule, I like Toshiba machines – love the speakers on them and the beautiful black finish. But they are bulky and they are one of the worst offenders of pre-installing bloatware.  Check out some of these shots and the official press release is after the break.

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TECH NEWS: Toshiba and Best Buy Get Married

Toshiba Satellite E105

Best Buy has finally smartened up to the fact that they are a large retail store and maybe it’d be a good idea for them to start creating some of their own electronic brands. They are going to work with their electronic partners to create exclusive branded merchandise for their stores. The first partnership is with Toshiba who are producing two brand new laptops exclusively for Best Buys. Each laptop will retail for about $1,100 and will be feature packed . The Toshiba Satellite E105, developed in collaboration with Best Buy and its customers. The Satellite E105 is one of the first products to be offered under Best Buy’s exclusive Blue Label program.   The machines look beautiful and I suspect we’ll have a review unit in a few weeks. The full release is below, along with some tasty picts.

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Toshiba set to give up on HD-DVD and the Consumers Lose Again!


It’s funny and ironic that I finally get around to starting the High Definition section on the site with the idea of trying to be as balanced as possible. Only to have the wheels fall off the HD-DVD band wagon. It started last month with Warner Brothers dropping the format, after that it was nothing but bad news for Toshiba’s format. And this week’s triple does of bad news – Netflix, Walmart, and Best Buy all dropping the format put a nail in the coffin. It was always a forgone conclusion that Toshiba would lose the war, if for no other reason than the PS3 including the Blu-ray drive into it’s system. Granted sales of the PS3 has been disappointing (for good reason, the system kind of sucks) comparatively speaking – in terms of game consoles, it had a big enough install base that it was almost double those who had HD-DVD players. For HD-DVD to succeed they really should have worked out a deal with MS to put the HD-DVD drive in the 360. If that happened, we would be talking about a totally different outcome now. I have both formats, but I was hoping HD-DVD would win, I still think it’s a better format and at least the freaking thing has a standard and you can upgrade it. The Blu-ray group is still trying to figure out it’s standards and half the players don’t have Ethernet ports so you can’t do firmware upgrades. But wait, it’s “funny” that the PS3 is “future” proof. Instead we’re now stuck with one format – Sony and for all practical purposes one player option – PS3. Sure there are other players, but considering you can’t upgrade most of them and there’s only a $50 difference between the cheapest Blu-ray player and the cheapest PS3, who would be dumb enough to get the stand alone player?

Already I’ve noticed that prices of Blu-ray DVDs have gotten ridiculously out of hand, you can no longer walk into a Best Buy, Target, Borders, etc. and expect to see a new release Blu-ray flick for $19.99, no these retailers have the gall to try and charge full retail prices. I was in Borders today and they had the Spiderman Blu-ray set for $99!! Really? Superbad was over $30.00 (when I say over $30, I mean like $35 – $39). Really? Resident Evil: Extinction over $30. Really??? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix over $30. Really??? The only place you can still get Blu-ray for a reasonable price is Amazon and other online retailers. Not to mention the damn machines are still over $350! So yes, consumers, the color of Greed is Blu and we lose out again. Rumor has it the official announcement is coming later this week.

Toshiba Adds Umph to it’s Laptop Lineup


Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the Satellite U305-S2816 featuring the new Intel® Core 2 Duo processor T81001. Code name Penryn, Intel’s newest line of premiere mobile processors provides Toshiba’s high-end, thin-and-light consumer notebook with ample strength for powering the most demanding applications, while consuming less energy to empower users to accomplish more with greater efficiency. 

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Toshiba’s New HD-DVD Laptop is Smoking

toshiba2 008

The folks at Toshiba recently sent over two different laptops for me to review, the 13.5 inch U305 and the 17inch Satellite P205 Laptops. Both machines are pretty sweet, the main difference between the two machines is the fact that the P205 includes a beautiful 17-inch screen and is packed with an HD-DVD Drive and is equipped with Harman Kardon speakers. The very first thing I did was pop my King Kong HD-DVD into the P205 and it looked and sounded amazing. What’s unique about the P205 is the price point. Most HD-DVD based laptops start at around $2,000, but the P205 starts at around $1,100. The system configuration that I test retails for $1,399. This configuration was an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 1.5 GHZ, 2 gigs of memory, 300 gig hard drive and Windows Vista Home Premium. Not bad specs for a HD-DVD based laptop. Toshiba is marketing this machine and the U305 as multi-media power machines. They have hit the sweet spot in terms of price verses performance with these two laptops. The rest of this review with focus on the P205, the U305 had the same basic specs except for the HD-DVD drive and instead of running on Intel Core 2 chips, it’s powered by Intel’s Centrino Duo Processors. And frankly I’m not going to lie, I don’t know the difference between the Centrino and Core 2. Intel has come out with so many different processors in the last two years that it’s become hard to keep up. From a speed perspective I didn’t notice a difference between the U305 and the P205. I ran the same tests on both machines and they both performed the same.

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