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Emmy Award Winning Actor Tony Shalhoub Joins Cast of BrainDead!


Tony Shalhoub – three-time winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for his portrayal of Adrian Monk on the long-running USA Network hit Monk – has joined the cast of CBS’ upcoming summer comic-thriller, BrainDead.

Shalhoub will play Red Wheatus, a fun-loving, hard-drinking Republican senator with twenty years of deal-making experience who undergoes a radical ideological transformation.

BrainDead comes from The Good Wife creators, Robert and Michell King. It is set to premiere this summer. For further details, follow the jump.

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Turtles Hit Home Video In November!


The Turtles are coming – to home video, that is! On November 25th, TMNT will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray/DVD Combo-Pack. The Blu-Ray will contain eight extra features – including an extended ending sequence and the Shell Shock music video.

Follow the jump for further details.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Mr. Monk Experiences a More Familiar Kind of Obsession!

Favorite Show 1

When Monk [USA, Fridays, 9/8C] returns for its eighth and final season, we will see Adrian Monk display a kind of obsession that will be all too familiar to many of us: TV show fan! In fact, Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show opens with Monk [Tony Shalhoub] complaining that he’s last in line – Natalie [Traylor Howard] points out there are only two of them on line and she’s seared over a heating vent, so she’s not moving. It’s night, and the two are camping out on the sidewalk outside a bookstore so that he can buy the tell-all memoir of Christine Rapp [Elizabeth Perkins], his favorite member of the cast of his favorite TV series of all time, The Cooper Clan [Monk claims not to be obsessed, “I’m mildly fixated”]. But when an attempt is made on Rapp’s life, Monk is hired on to be her bodyguard.

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HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Mr. Monk Takes a Bow – Tony Shalhoub Talks the Final Season of USA’s Longest Running Hit!

Wrap Things Up

USA Network’s Monk returns for its eighth and final season on Friday, August 7 [9/8C] and, in support of its return, Adrian Monk himself, Tony Shalhoub, took an hour out of his busy schedule to answer questions from over twenty media bloggers. It was my honor to be a part of this particular Q&A session.

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TELEVISION: Mr. Monk Buys a House To Open Season Seven

When Monk returns this evening [USA, 9/8C], the emphasis is not on the mystery – which would normally not be worthy of Adrian Monk’s [Tony Shalhoub] attention – rather, the main subject is dealing with the loss of a friend. On the show, Monk’s therapist, Dr. Charles Kroger [Stanley Kamel] has passed away because of a heart attack.

When Monk buys a house to get away from a neighbor child who plays Chopin incessantly, a potential new therapist, Dr. Neven Bell [Hector Elizondo] suggests that it might be because he misses his late friend – who also loved Chopin – a suggestion that has Monk suggesting he needs a different therapist.

Monk's New House

While shopping for a shower head – with one hundred holes, no less – a handyman named Jake [Brad Garrett] suggests he could drill a couple extra holes in it for home. In no time, Jake is finding flaws in the house and Monk looks like he’s fallen into a money pit. Then something happens to tie in the “renovations” to the death of the house’s previous owner.

By playing against the model puzzle mystery of the usual Monk episode, Mr. Monk Buys a House proves to be one of the better season premieres for the long-running cult hit. More than usual, the ep deals with that side of Monk’s character we’ve usually only gotten to see in his relationship with Natalie [Traylor Howard] – that part of Monk that is capable of great friendship. Because of the sincerity of the ep – and the final scene, which ties into a dedication to Mr. Kamel – an ep that could have come off as soppy, is, instead, genuinely poignant [something you don’t get everyday in series TV].

Garrett and Elizondo are both very good, but the ep belongs to Tony Shalhoub, who makes the OCD Monk even more vulnerable than we’ve seen him in the past – and that’s a pretty difficult feat! Monk has been up and down in quality over the last few seasons, but as Mr. Monk Buys a House illustrates, when it’s on, it’s still capable of a quiet brilliance.

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