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DVD: The Amazing Spider-Man Is Still Amazing On DVD!

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One good reason to reboot a movie series – trademark issues aside – is that you have a different take on the characters. Not necessarily better, but different. Such is the case with Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man. Despite not having the impact the film had in IMAX, it works well as a home video release – and some tasty bonus features.

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Michelle Loves and HATES The Amazing Spider-Man!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 Movie Review

I saw this movie the night before it opened and wanted to wait a few days before putting pen to paper. Or what’s the equivalent phrase for typing on my keyboard? It is almost impossible to write this review without comparing The Amazing Spider-Man to Raimi’s trilogy. All I will say is I absolutely loathed most of the first one (Green Goblin and Web Swinging scenes are just horrible), loved the 2nd and didn’t think the 3rd one was nearly as bad as everyone says.

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New Spider-Man Trailer

Gotta say this summer is shaping up to be an amazing year for Super-Hero movies – The Dark Night, Avengers, Chronicle, and now what I believe will be the “sleeper” – The Amazing Spider-Man.  I originally was completely against the idea of a reboot and telling the origin story yet again. But frankly I hated the Raimi original, loved the sequel and thought the 3rd movie got unfairly trashed.  Raimi made the Spider-Man world too glossy and I always hated the CGI Web Slinging it took me out of the movie.  Here it looks a lot more realistic and I like the design of the new costume.  The one thing I hate in this trailer is once again Spider-Man gets his mask taken off. What’s the point of having a secret identity if your mask keeps getting ripped off. He needs to talk to Ray Mysterio, Jr. about tricks to keeping that thing on.  Here’s the new trailer.