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Black Panther is almost as good as the Hype Suggests, Michelle’s Review!

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You all know how I roll. I’m not one of those “Marvel can do no wrong” and all DCEU movies “Sucks” fangirls (I mean critics). I’ve hated plenty of Marvel films. I’d love to be my usual contrarian self here and tell you all that Black Panther sucks but it doesn’t.  With that said please stop with the blatant lies about the “historical significance” of this movie. When did the “Oh my god this is the first black led Superhero film” and “this is such a milestone movie because of all the black people involved” garbage come from?

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Iron Man 3 – Takes a big Dump. Michelle’s Review

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Many argue that without the staggering critical and box office success of the first Iron Man movie, there would be no Marvel Universe, as we know it. However, when last I checked Spider-Man and the X-Men movies gave Marvel the confidence and financial resources to go off and build this franchise. Now Iron Man returns to kick off the aptly named Wave II of Marvel movies that eventually concludes with another Avengers movie.

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Michelle Loves and HATES The Amazing Spider-Man!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 Movie Review

I saw this movie the night before it opened and wanted to wait a few days before putting pen to paper. Or what’s the equivalent phrase for typing on my keyboard? It is almost impossible to write this review without comparing The Amazing Spider-Man to Raimi’s trilogy. All I will say is I absolutely loathed most of the first one (Green Goblin and Web Swinging scenes are just horrible), loved the 2nd and didn’t think the 3rd one was nearly as bad as everyone says.

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