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Why Saint George? Why FX? George Explains!

SAINT GEORGE -- Pictured: George Lopez as George -- CR. Matthias Clamer/FX

Saint George (Thursdays, 9/8C) is FX’s latest half-hour comedy to be produced under the 10/90 model. If the ten episodes that have been produced get the ratings, there will be ninety more. The series, about a recently divorced Latino entrepreneur with a young son, and a desire to give back to his community, premieres on Thursday, March 6th.

Series star George Lopez spoke with a group of bloggers/journalists earlier this week and talked about where the series idea and title came from, why it’s on FX, what he likes about the 10/90 model and a great deal more.

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Saint George Is A Go On FX!


FX’s new George Lopez comedy, St. George, will premiere on Thursday, March 9th (9/8C). The series – which follows the 10/90 model used for Anger Management (if the ratings on the first 10 eps are good enough, an order for 90 more ensues) – follows the life of a newly divorced entrepreneur named George Lopez as he tries to balance the parenting demands of his All-American Anglo ex-wife against the expectations of his overbearing Mexican-American mother.

His efforts to relate to his 11-year old son are complicated by his fun-loving but freeloading uncle and cousin. And then there’s his professional life… For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

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Saint George Comes to FX!


FX has closed a deal for Saint George, a new sitcom that stars George Lopez as a recently divorced working class Mexican-American balancing a number elements in his increasingly chaotic life.

The series, created by Lopez, will be produced on the same model as Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, with an initial ten-episode order that will, should ratings warrant, be expanded to a potential total of one hundred.

The official press release, with further details, follows the jump.

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