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Harlen Coben’s SAFE Adds Three to Cast!

Audrey Fleurot, Emmett J. Scanlan and Marc Warren have joined the cast of Harlan Coben’s SAFE.

The eight-episode series follows a pediatric surgeon as he tries to raise his two daughters following the death of his wife – but the gated community in which he lives if rife with secrets.

SAFE will run on Netflix globally – except for France, where it will air on free-to-air channel C8. The series is now in production.

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Dearly Departing Dexter Meets The Psychopath Whisperer!

DEXTER (Season 6)

Dr. Evelyn Vogel is the undisputed expert on psychopaths – complete with a unique theory on why they exist. When she tella Dexter Morgan she’s looking forward to working with him, could it be that she leaves him wondering, ‘What did she mean by that?’

Follow the jump to check out the video that gives us out first look at Charlotte Rampling as Dr. Evelyn Vogel.

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Trailer: Dexter: Season 8–Things Look Grim for Dexter & Deb!


Dexter Morgan is about to leave us. When Dexter (Showtime, Sundays, 9/8C) returns on June 30th, it is the beginning of the end –but for whom will it be worse – Dexter or Deb? Follow the jump to watch the official Season 8 trailer and decide for yourself.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Deadly Daddy Dexter’s Toughest Challenge Yet!

Television’s favorite monster, Dexter [Showtime, Sundays, 9/8C], us back and even though he’s got a new and nasty serial killer to deal with, his biggest, most ominous challenge just may be fatherhood! Season opens with, among other things, Dexter’s [Michael C. Hall] sleep deprivation causing him to screw up in court; misplace the body of his latest victim, and flip his SUV. Could things get much worse?

St. Dexter, S4

How about the introduction of a serial killer who kills three women of very specific types, over a very specific period of time – and then moves to a different city to repeat the pattern? Now, just suppose that he’s in Miami to celebrate a scary anniversary of his first three kills. And suppose that FBI uber-profiler Frank Lundy [Keith Carradine] is back in town following him – much to the surprise and consternation of a certain female detective who might just be Dexter’s sister [Jennifer Carpenter].

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MOVIES & TELEVISION: It’s Time To Party With The 66th Golden Globes Awards!


With “Awards Season” in full swing, we come to my favorite awards show to watch – The Golden Globes [the Globes’ new look featured, above]. Where else can you see an award winner rush from the little girls’ room to the stage, trailing a piece of toilet paper from her shoe [Christine Lahti, you are immortal because of this], or another award winner insist upon giving his award to the actor who inspired him to become an actor [the only award Jack Lemmon ever got that was voted for by a panel of one – and who knows how many other actors he inspired…?]. Thank you speeches that come from the heart or, on occasion, from a few too many drinks… The Golden Globes are fun because you get more moments from real people than all the other awards shows combined [excepting, possibly, The Spirit Awards]. Plus, the Globes honor movies and television – so there are twice as many opportunities for entertainment. So, here, after the jump, here are the nominees and my choices.

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TELEVISION: Dexter – TV’s Peabody Award Winning Serial Killer Renewed For Two More Seasons!

Dexter, the eponymous Showtime series about a serial killer who only targets other serial killers, is going to avoid capture for at least two more seasons. Showtime announced today that the Peabody Award-winning series has been renewed for seasons four and five. The series is in the midst of broadcasting its third season. Season four will begin shooting next spring.


The series, which is Showtime’s highest rated drama series, is built around the character of Dexter Morgan [Michael C. Hall], a blood spatter expert for the Miami-Dade Police who moonlights as a serial killer who targets serial killers who have avoided capture, or been freed on technicalities.

Based on the first of a series of best-selling novels by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter has taken the novel’s characters into different – if equally intriguing – directions. Besides winning the Peabody Award, the series has also received two Emmy Awards and several other nominations [including Hall for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, this year], four Saturn Award nominations – with Hall winning for Best Actor in a Television Program; two TCA Awards nominations – with Hall taking the award for Individual Achievement in Drama – along with nominations for Alma Awards, Edgar Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Vision Awards. Dexter has also been twice named one of AFI’s top ten television programs.

TELEVISION: Dexter: Life Gets Interesting For Dexter!

A couple of interesting things happen over the first four episodes of the third season of Dexter [Showtime, Sundays, 9/8C]: Dexter [Michael C. Hall] commits a spontaneous act that calls into question Harry’s Code, and Dexter makes a friend in the person of an Assistant District Attorney named Miguel Prado [Jimmy Smits]. The spontaneous act is the murder of Prado’s brother, whom he thinks is a drug dealer named Freebo [Mike Erwin] – and the manner in which he has to cover up this act while dealing with the police investigation and Miguel.


Otherwise, Dex’s life is pretty good. He no longer has the FBI on his trail; he and Rita [Julie Benz] seem to be in a good place [and he dotes on her kids], and his sister, Debra [Jennifer Carpenter], seems to have sworn off men, drinking and smoking – if not cussing. The thing of it is he doesn’t refer to himself as a monster every so often, either. Somehow, while he would probably vehemently disagree, Dexter is becoming more human – maybe not much more, but enough that it is noticeable.

The Showtime series does continue to play with the idea of morality, though. Dex’s moment of spontaneity has him rethinking Harry’s code even further when he spies a creepy guy asking Rita’s daughter Christina Robinson] for directions in a supermarket. His fierce feeling of protectiveness for the kids is as human as anything he’s ever felt. Couple that with his growing friendship with Miguel, and there are moments that find him seeming practically normal.

Dexter continues to be one of the most compelling dramas on television. From its opening sequence that emphasizes the violence of the everyday, to the odd relationship between Dexter and Rita, to his day job as a blood spatter expert for the Miami-Dade Police, Dexter is an examination of all the kinds of violence that permeate our existence. It has some of the best dialogue anywhere and a cast that serves it up perfectly – and manages a perfect balance between drama, melodrama and gallows humor.

The exceptional ensemble also continues to warrant intriguing arcs as well. Angel [David Zayas] gets promoted to sergeant – and has to deal with the sometimes unhappy responsibilities that come with his new position. Vince [C.S. Lee] has an article printed in a prestigious forensics journal but can’t find a way to persuade anyone to help him celebrate his success. Debra finds her swearing off of men challenged by a most unlikely guy – and is harassed by Internal Affairs to spy on the new guy in the division, Quinn [Desmond Harrington]. The richness of the plotting and the depth of the characterization remain amongst the absolute best on TV. Even the jaunty theme music is oddly creepy and utterly appropriate.

Dexter may not be for everyone, but for those of us who are into it, it is a treasure.

Final Grade: A