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Syfy Blasts Into Superman Biz With Krypton Pilot!

Krypton Logo

Syfy has ordered Superman prequel Krypton to pilot. The pilot, which is set two generations prior to the planet’s destruction, follow’s Superman’s grandfather as he attempts to redeem his family’s honor and save the planet after the House of El had been shamed and ostracized.

The pilot and story are written by David S. Goyer & Ian Goldberg and directed by Damian Kindler. For more, follow the jump.

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Sanctuary: Helen Magnus Loses It In Victorian London To Open Season Four!


Sanctuary’s fourth season premiere, Tempus, finds Dr. Helen Magnus stuck in Victorian London trying to prevent Adam Worth from saving his daughter’s life and changing history. No pressure!

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DVD REVIEW: Sanctuary: The Complete First Season – Myths and Legends Come to Life!

Sanctuary is a science fiction show that postulates that the creatures of legend, myth and nightmare really exist – that “here be monsters” is not hyperbole. It’s an ambitious series, technically, being shot with the RED camera [the current top of the line digital camera] against a great deal of green screen – in the manner of Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City – though not in black & white.

Sanctuary S1

The series follows Dr. Helen Magnus [Amanda Tapping], her daughter, Ashley [Emilie Ullerup]and forensic psychologist Will Zimmerman [Robin Dunne] as they seek out and help – or imprison [depending on their nature] – abnormals. Abnormals are evolutionary splits from humanity and come in a wide range of types, from mermaids and vampires, to shapeshifters and Bigfoot [Dr. Magnus’ butler, and also played by Heyerdahl…].

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TELEVISION: Sanctuary Renewed; Series Keeps Getting Better!

With the announcement that Sanctuary [Sci-Fi, Fridays, 10/9C] has been renewed for a second season, perhaps those who those who don’t like to commit to a new series for fear it’ll be cancelled will now give TV’s first green screen series a chance. Two upcoming episodes are good examples of the kind of quirky quality that series is developing.


Quick refresher courser: Dr. Helen Magnus [Amanda Tapping], a one hundred fifty-seven-year old scientist has established Sanctuary – a home for “abnormals” [creatures benign and otherwise that are not of the perceived normalcy – mermaids, a missing link, children with unusual fear reflexes]. She provides homes – or cages if necessary – for these beings. She is aided by her daughter, Ashley [Emilie Ullerup], forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Will Zimmerman [Robin Dunne] and tech wizard, Henry Foss [Ryan Robins] .

In this week’s ep, The Five, Magnus’ lecture to an underground group in Rome, on abnormals, leads to a meeting with Nikola Tesla [Jonathon Young] who warns her of an impending assassination attempt. Tesla has a few secrets, himself – the only one I can telegraph is that he sleeps during the day.

The episode is fast paced and smart, but has its moments of emotional truth that support the action. We get to see Magnus’ ability to improvise – and the rest of her team show initiative in the way they aid her from their home base. The CG sets and effects are improving and now have much more weight than early on. Even Tapping’s wobbly English accent is much more consistent.

On December 5th, Drs. Magnus and Zimmerman take a mini-sub to investigate the slaughter of a clan of mer-people and find an abnormal unlike any they’ve ever seen. Requiem is a bottle show – a one-set episode – and as such, relies on tour de force acting by Tapping and Zimmerman. Both actors are called on to run through a gamut of emotions in a situation where an unseen menace seems to be influencing their behavior.

Based on these two episodes, Sanctuary is deserving of its renewal and an even larger audience.

Final Grade: B+