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Wes Anderson Does Christmas On a Train for H&M!


Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel) has done another one of his unique commercials – this time for H&M.

Adrien Brody stars as Conductor Ralph, who has to inform his passengers that inclement weather and technical difficulties elsewhere on the line have made the train eleven hours late – scotching their plans for Christmas.

H&M to the rescue – in a peculiar and perfectly Andersonian manner. All commercials should be this good. Check it out after the break.

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East Meets West Trailer: Dragon Blade!

Dragon Blade One-Sheet

East meets West in this epic clash for the Silk Road – the trade route between China and the West. When corrupt Roman leader General Tiberius (Adrien Brody) seeks to command the Silk Road, he is opposed by Huo And (Jackie Chan), whose trained warriors allie themselves with Roman General Lucius (John Cusack) and his legion of Roman defectors.

Check out the trailer following the jump. Dragon Blade opens on September 4th in select theaters and On Demand.

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On DVD: Splice Is A Decent Movie for Those Looking for Halloween Scarefest Thrills


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Splice, directed by Vincenzo Natali and written by Vincenzo Natali and Antoinette Terry Bryant, is yet another scifi movie that delves into the ages old cautionary tale of of what happens when humankind attempts to ‘play God’ through reckless scientific research. While the ghoulish means of using dead human body parts to create a life have been replaced by high tech labs and fancy DNA splicing techniques, the outcome remains the same in Splice as it did in Frankenstein whereas the creature ultimately turns on the creator. 

Despite having an updated take on this solid scifi theme and award winning actor Adrian Brody as the star, Splice  didn’t do very well at the box office. The filming budget for Splice, which was released into theaters on June 6, 2010, was roughly estimated at 26,000,000.  During its run month long run in the theaters in the USA, this scifi thriller only grossed an estimated $16,999,046 which made Splice a box office failure.

However this doesn’t mean that Splice isn’t an entertaining movie and with its release onto DVD, Blu_ray and Digital Down Load, it makes a great treat for Halloween movie watching fun.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Splice: In the Beginning There Was Shelley… and Whale!

Splice onesheet

Splice is the latest there-are-things-Man-was-not-meant-to-know movie – a modern update on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, via James Whale’s original Frankenstein movie. Like that film, there will no doubt be a number of critics and members of the audience who view it as a revolting piece of trash. I expect that, like Whale’s Frankenstein, it will survive and be both respected and appreciated.

Co-writer/director Vincenzo Natali – he of the low-budget sci-fi masterpiece Cube – makes the Shelley/Whale connection clear from the start. His two scientists, Clive [Adrien Brody] and Elsa [Sarah Polley] are namesakes Colin Clive [the actor who played Victor Frankenstein in Whale’s Frankenstein], and Elsa Lanchester [who played the titular Bride of Frankenstein].

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Michelle kind of Hates Splice

Splice Review

Splice is one of those movies that I had no real interest in seeing but after being cooped up in the house for 4 days, I was like why not take a drive into town. The movie starts off well enough – a couple of conceited scientist, Clive Nicoli (Adrien Brody) and Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley) successfully create a new life form by splicing a bunch of different genes together. Not being happy with this major accomplishment they immediately think – hey let’s splice human and animal DNA together and see what we get. When are scientists going to learn that these experiments at playing god never end well?

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