Starz Rebrands ENCORE Channels for Black, Latino and Boomer Audiences!


Starz is rebranding Encore channels for Black and Baby boomer audiences – and adding a channel for the Latino audience beginning in December.

Beginning December 2nd, Encore Drama becomes Encore Black; Encore Love becomes Encore Classic, and ENCORE ESPAÑOL debuts. Encore Black will feature Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand Up as well as classic series like What’s Happening!!, Diff’rent Strokes and Amen; Encore Classic’s schedule will include Murphy Brown, Magnum, P.I. and Night Court; and ENCORE ESPAÑOL will feature U.S. television premieres of Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera (Ecuador), Estrella del Sur (Columbia), La Llamada (Argentina), and Lo Azul del Cielo (Columbia).

Encore suspense will also premiere The Graveyard Shift – a block of horror movies that will run from 9pm-5am every night in December. For more details – and initial scheduling, check out the press release after the jump.

THE Encore Family of Channels Gets a Makeover In December, Introducing Encore Black And Encore Classic, Plus a New ENCORE ESPAÑOL

ENCORE Channels to Reintroduce Commercial-Free, HD Versions of Favorite TV Series & Movies Including:“Murphy Brown,” “Magnum, P.I.,” “Night Court” (ENCORE CLASSIC);“Diff’rent Strokes,” “What’s Happening!!,” “Amen” and “227” (ENCORE BLACK)

Beverly Hills, Calif., November 11, 2013 – Starz’ sister network ENCORE is excited to announce that it will introduce the channels Encore Black and Encore Classic, plus launch a new ENCORE ESPAÑOL, beginning Monday, December 2, 2013. In addition to these channel enhancements, ENCORE SUSPENSE will launch a month-long, nightly horror film block entitled “The Graveyard Shift,” all December-long. The ENCORE channels will bring an extensive combination of commercial-free premium movie and television content, offered in HD.


ENCORE BLACK (channel to replace ENCORE DRAMA) will showcase popular programming for the African-American community, including the STARZ Original series “Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand Up” and will reintroduce favorite TV series including: “What’s Happening!!,” “Diff’rent Strokes” and “Amen,” Monday – Friday nights beginning Monday, December 2 at 8pm et/pt. The channel will also add “227” to its weeknight lineup starting January 1, 2014. ENCORE BLACK will Spotlight Samuel L. Jackson by highlighting the Academy Award® nominee’s films including Unbreakable, Losing Isaiah, Freedomland, One Eight Seven and more, beginning on Monday, December 23 at 10pm et/pt.


ENCORE CLASSIC (channel to replace ENCORE LOVE) will be a favorite for Baby Boomers, with a mix of generational, timeless movie and classic TV series from the existing ENCORE library, as well as newly added TV hits such as, “Murphy Brown,” “Magnum, P.I.” and “Night Court” Monday – Friday nights beginning Monday, December 2 at 7pm et/pt.

Throughout the month of December, ENCORE CLASSIC will showcase movie titles dedicated to a particular decade, starting with the 1970s through the 80s, 90s and 2000s. A different decade-centric film will air at 9pm et/pt every night throughout the month, with favorite titles such as Kramer vs. Kramer, American Graffiti, Independence Day, Breaking Away, Stand by Me, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Good Will Hunting, Tootsie, Basic Instinct, The Notebook and more.


ENCORE ESPAÑOL brings Spanish-language premium content 24/, offering more than a Spanish-language version of the flagship ENCORE channel. On Sunday nights at 8pm et/pt. ENCORE ESPAÑOL will also showcase U.S. Television Premieres of Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera (Ecuador), Estrella del Sur (Columbia), La Llamada (Argentina), and Lo Azul del Cielo (Columbia).


ENCORE SUSPENSE presents a blood-thirsty and chilling block of films, “The Graveyard Shift,” every night of the month beginning at 9pm et/pt. Popular horror titles airing in December during “The Graveyard Shift” include Night of the Living Dead, The Fly, Silent Night, The Amityville Horror, The Dead Zone, Resident Evil: Retribution, and Frozen.

See ENCORE’s December 2013 new channel, programming lineup detailed below:

ENCORE BLACK: is the destination for great dramatic performances, comedy trailblazers and iconic directors and actors who define the very best.

Favorite TV Series on ENCORE BLACK – Beginning Monday, December 2nd at 8pm

(Monday through Friday Nights beginning at 8pm)

8:00pm                  Diff’rent Strokes

8:30pm                  Amen* (*227 begins on January 1st, weeknights at 8:30pm)

9:00pm                  Amen

9:30pm                  What’s Happening!!

Spotlight: Samuel L. Jackson – Beginning Monday, December 23 at 10pm

ENCORE BLACK will host a double feature of Samuel L. Jackson’s films leading up to a 24-hour marathon of 10 of his films on Sunday, December 29th.

12/23      10:00pm                Freedomland

11:55pm                Basic

12/24      10:00pm                XXX: State of the Union

11:45pm                One Eight Seven

12/25      10:00pm                Jurassic Park

12/26      12:10am                Caveman’s Valentine

10:00pm                Unbreakable

11:50pm                In My Country

12/27      10:00pm                Jackie Brown

12:40am                Losing Isaiah

ENCORE CLASSICS: gives you the best selection of timeless entertainment that leaves you saying, “This one’s a classic.”

Favorite TV Series ENCORE CLASSIC – Beginning Monday December 2nd at 7:00pm (Nightly Monday – Friday) Monday through Friday Nights beginning at 7pm)

7:00pm                  Murphy Brown

7:30pm                  Night Court

8:00pm                  Magnum P.I.

ENCORE CLASSIC MOVIES – Different movie every night at 9:00pm, for a month of decades.

The 1970s

12/2                        The Jerk

12/3                        Paper Moon

12/4                        Amityville Horror

12/5                        Kramer vs. Kramer

12/6                        American Graffitti

12/7                        The Longest Yard

12/8                        Breaking Away

The 1980s

12/9                        Project X

12/10                      Red Dawn

12/11                      Say Anything…

12/12                      Broadcast News

12/13                      Tootsie

12/14                      Risky Business

12/15                      Valley Girl

The 1990s

12/16                      Natural Born Killers

12/17                      Blade

12/18                      Good Will Hunting

12/19                      Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery

12/20                      Rush Hour

12/21                      Independence Day

12/22                      Basic Instinct

The 2000s

12/23                      Finding Nemo

12/24                      Charlie’s Angels

12/25                      A Knight’s Tale

12/26                      The Notebook

12/27                      Friday Night Lights

12/28                      Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

12/29                      The Bourne Supremacy

Best of the Rest

12/30                      Dazed and Confused

12/21                      The Princess Bride


ENCORE ESPANOL: ¡The destination for a vast collection of your favorite movies en Español, only on ENCORE ESPANOL!

Spanish-Language Films: US TV Premieres – Every Sunday at 8pm

12/8                        Sin Otono, Sin Primavera (No Autumn, No Spring) Ecuador

12/15                      Estrella del Sur (Star of the South) Colombia

12/22                      La Llamada (The Phone Call) Argentina

12/29                      Lo Azul Del Cielo (The Blue of the Sky) Colombia


ENCORE SUSPENSE: All things that go bump in the night are waiting for you on ENCORE SUSPENSE.

December kicks off the first month of “The Graveyard Shift,” every night starting at 9:00pm on ENCORE SUPENSE. Top titles include Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil: Retribution, Blade, The Amityville Horror, Silent Night, Day of the Dead, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie.


ENCORE® is the most widely subscribed premium pay TV flagship brand in the United States with 35.0 million subscribers through September 30, 2013.  Offered by Starz from its operating unit, Starz Networks, ENCORE’s eight premium channel offerings include: ENCORE, ENCORE ACTION, ENCORE CLASSIC, ENCORE WESTERNS, ENCORE SUSPENSE, ENCORE BLACK, ENCORE FAMILY, and ENCORE ESPAÑOL. Advanced services options for ENCORE subscribers include ENCORE HD, ENCORE ON DEMAND, ENCORE HD ON DEMAND, and the ENCORE PLAY authenticated online offering. ENCORE subscribers enjoy a wide variety of newer release and favorite premium commercial-free movie programming from leading studios, in addition to a complement of classic TV shows and other original programming.

*all times are ET/PT and subject to change

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