INTERVIEW: Guiding Light’s Orlagh Cassidy (Doris Wolfe)

Orlagh Cassidy

The name Orlagh Cassidy is a hard one to forget. You may recognize the name because of its unique Gaelic beauty but you’re not quite sure where you recognize it from. Well if you are a fan of Guiding Light you will recognize the name Doris Wolfe, Springfield’s feisty and oh so politically driven Mayor. The character of Doris Wolfe is played by the beautiful and enormously talented Orlagh Cassidy. Orlagh came onto the scene in 1998 as Doris Wolfe, the hard hitting District Attorney in Springfield. She eventually worked her way up the ladder not just politically but socially when she married tycoon and town Wackadoodle, Alan Spaulding. Now as Mayor of Springfield, Doris is responsible for stirring up the pot and unleashing the firestorm, the phenomenon, the love story that is Otalia. It’s because of Doris’ political drive and ambition that the “My Two Mommies” presentation of one Emma Spencer was broadcast across the Springfield airways setting the stage for the domino effect of events that have taken place over the few months. Doris unwittingly pulled the wool out from under Olivia and Natalia and forced them to take a long hard look at their relationship, redefining who they are as friends, a couple…a family.

Doris Wolfe is the character you love to hate. The woman walks around with bodyguards, drops bombs on an unsuspecting, painfully clueless police chief (“Man up Frank…Your ex-fiancé has the hots for Olivia”) and is a closeted lesbian wearin’ a hat at ladies night! Some may say bitch…I say kindred spirit. This woman is a rock star!

I recently had the pleasure to chat briefly with the one and only Orlagh Cassidy. She was kind enough to take some time out of her very busy schedule to answer a few questions about her character Doris Wolfe and Doris’ role in the Otalia storyline. Orlagh also indulged me a little with a few silly random questions just to let us take a peek into her personality outside of Doris and Guiding Light. Thank you Orlagh!

EclipseMagazine: Doris seems to be a character with many layers. Were you surprised at all when this storyline was brought you; that the writers were taking her in this direction? How did they broach the subject?

Orlagh Cassidy: The executive producer saw me in the hallway and told me and I thought it was awesome! First of all, they always give Doris great things to say and do so I am never disappointed and second of all, it made perfect sense that Doris would have this huge secret in her life! Great idea writers!

EM: Did you have any reservations when they came to you and told you the direction they wanted to go with Doris as a character?

OC: I had no reservations, like I said, it’s a great idea to have her have led a double life and have so much going on.

EM: Do you watch the episodes once they’ve been taped? I know some actors have a hard time watching their own performances.

OC: I watch sometimes, and yes it’s hard to watch. I often get disappointed I am no longer 20 and look my age! But sometimes its fun and I learn a little bit when I watch. I usually learn I’ve gotta be more relaxed and take my time. I tend to rush everything.

EM: Do you read any of the online blogs or boards? I know they can be pretty snarky and down right hateful when a show tries to step outside of the box a little.

OC: I do not read the blogs anymore because I don’t have time more than anything else, but I am pleased to hear the story is getting so much attention.

EM: What type of viewer response have you received since Doris’ outing?

OC: I have gotten fan letters thanking me for how I play Doris and for helping everyone to see that ‘love is love, no matter who you are’ – which I think is great. People seem to get a kick out of Doris; the letters are all very nice.

EM: Doris is a very bold character; she goes after what she wants. It seems that right now she really wants Olivia to get the girl. This week she drops a bomb in Frank Coopers lap when she reveals that Natalia has the “hots” for Olivia. Why is she so invested in weather or not Olivia and Natalia get together? Does she see a kindred spirit in Olivia or is it just too much fun messing with Frank?

OC: I think she is invested in Olivia getting to be with her love because perhaps she never could be so bold, so ‘out there’ with her passion. And perhaps she lost a love or two along the way because she couldn’t follow her feelings the way she is urging Olivia to do.

EM: Doris is a little preoccupied these days being mayor and helping her new bff Olivia snag Natalia away from Frank but once the dust settles from Otalia, who would you like to see paired up with Doris? She’s busy running Springfield but she deserves a love interest too!

OC: I would love to see Doris and Alan back together running Springfield. That would be fun!

EM: In a recent chat with Crystal Chappell over on the Big Purple Dreams website, she was asked about Doris’ role in the Otalia storyline and what it will become as Olivia and Natalia move forward in the new arc of their story. Crystal responded that Doris represents a different kind of energy in the story as a mentor to Olivia and that no other character would have worked. What do you think it is about Doris that makes her so uniquely suited to play this role in the Otalia storyline?

OC: I think Doris offers a cool head and a warm heart and maybe some pain that can help these two women do what she couldn’t – follow her heart.

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  1. Wonderful interview! I love Doris, and so happy she made Otalia realize their feelings, and admit them! I really enjoyed the wedding i was laughing so hard Go Doris! OC you play a wonderful character, and so happy they put you in the mix of their storyline! Bravo! Looking forward to many many years of seeing you play on Guiding Light! Save the Light!!

  2. What a terrific interview!! I have been dying to hear from Orlagh!! I think she is simply amazing!! and glad she is getting lots of nice letters from fans, I had to send one and thank her for that great scene with Crystal after the near kiss!! Glad she is enjoying it!! she certainly brings a new dimension to the story line. Of course, after her abruptness with Nat on Tues, she better look out from Otalia fans!! 🙂 Thanks Eclipse for the interview!!

  3. tiff-

    fantastic article. i've been looking forward to this for a while. you know how much i love me some orlagh cassidy. her bit at the wedding, priceless! her dropping a bomb on frank, genius! and her with gina and crystal, hottness!

    looking forward to more coverage of guiding light and all the characters we love- and love to hate- in the future.

  4. Thanks for the interview. I knew Doris had a backstory to help Otalia. I have always enjoyed Orlagh's work. So glad to see her getting her well-deserved attention.

  5. Great interview! Thanks for the well deserved press for Guiding Light, Orlagh, and Otalia! Much appreciated!

  6. thanks doing this interview, great to know more about Orlagh! I think a few of us hope to see Doris make a play for Olivia…

  7. Oh yay! Yay! *jumps around* So much yay.. so much win. Orlagh Cassidy is so underrated. It is so wonderful to know she is getting lots of noise from fans. She brings a wonderful perspective to the storyline.
    She deserves all the attention and accolades she can muster!

  8. Very nice interview. Thanks for giving Orlagh the spotlight! It's well-deserved. I hope they'll keep developing Doris' character on the show.

  9. Another great interview!! Thanks for shining a light on such a wonderfully talented actress!

  10. Great article on OC! It's nice to see her opinion of Doris and what's to come…
    I love the way GL has chosen to interweave Doris' character with Otalia… it really adds a fantastic element to the story.
    Not to mention OC's comedic timing is FABULOUS!!!
    Thanks again Tiff!

  11. Great interview!! Orlagh is gorgeous, and she brings such a critical element to this story. I hope GL continues to flesh out her character!

  12. Great interview. It was great to hear from OC. She is an amazing and talented person!

  13. Hi Tiffany….thanks for getting the interview with Orlagh…I am a big Doris fan and knowing now that she has Irish roots, it's quite understandable 🙂 And it is true, the writers do give her some brilliant lines and she carries them off perfectly. She was definitely the right choice when it came to having someone play the closeted lesbian. Love the picture of her too. It's made my day, thank you 🙂

  14. Love, love, love Orlagh Cassidy! I'm so glad this interview notice popped into my Twitter feed! Doris is simply hilarious, and I look forward to more interaction between her and her … uhm … "constituents" in the future! Her Otalia-centric role means I adore her even more! If she and Alan were to hook up again, Springfield would surely never be the same! (I'm glad she wasn't wearing a hat in that snazzy photo … would have been a shame being unable to recognize her.) Keep the Light shining!

  15. I am sure Doris has a story of a love she has lost because of her fear to 'come out' A choice she regrets I am sure

  16. I have always loved the character of Doris and thought something was missing…. low and behold! This was great!

    Wonderful interview!

  17. Thank you for the lovely interview. It was great to read. I love how Doris is being used in the Otalia story – she's very much the 'Greek Chorus' of the show – saying what the audience would love to be able to say.

  18. I am so excited to see this interview, I can't stop smiling. Thank-you so much for interviewing Orlagh. She just does not get the attention she deserves.

  19. Thank for this fantastic interview! Doris is one of my favorite characters. Orlagh is a wonderful actress and it was such a joy to read this!

  20. Thanks for this interview OC is a great part in the otalia story and we the fans of otalia need to give her the attention she so deserve

  21. dunno how I managed to miss news of this interview, until now, but I am soooo glad I found it today 🙂 I have been hoping to see some coverage for Orlagh/Doris in the press, and this interview was awesome! I love the Doris character, bitchiness and all, and I think her involvement in the Otalia storyline has been brilliantly written. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in the coming weeks. I would love to see whether witnessing an 'out' Otalia might actually change Doris.

  22. Wow….how am I over a week late on this one?! Where have I been??? Great interview…(as always) and I love Orlagh Cassidy! She's one of the best things on GL, and that's quite an achievement these days, with such amazing actors all over the place. No one makes me laugh like Doris and I could quite happily watch the wedding scenes on repeat, just for her facial expressions and hilarious speech.

  23. Nice interview! One of the many things that makes the "Otalia" storyline so believably complex are the characters woven into the story. Orlagh Cassidy's character, Doris, has always been a villain you love to hate, but now, she is even more 3-dimensional, and although Doris has not lost her edge exactly, there is some kind of core of reasoning and a softness to her that can be appealed to. The scenes between Doris, Olivia, Natalia and Frank have been written and acted brilliantly! I hope to see more of Doris and soon.

  24. Oralgh , you are FANTASTIC, and I love seeing you on GL, and especially as part of the Otalia story. You are definitely the voice of the people in this story, saying what we all want to say (i.e. MAN UP FRANK!).

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